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RE: [patriotzip] Perspective (weeks 5-8)

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  • George
    ***** Nice review, Rob. Thanks for your observations. I think we always see a bit more when we watch a game without the real time emotion, and after the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2008
      ***** Nice review, Rob. Thanks for your observations. I think we always see a bit more when we watch a game without the "real time" emotion, and after the immediate post-game influences wear off. Good job!

      "I don't have a whole lot of what-ifs. We won three Super Bowls," (Tom Brady)


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      Ok, so I guess I'm not going to make it through all 16 weeks after all.  The season gets pretty boring after the Buffalo game (game 10) anyway. :-)

      - The thing that's amazed me the most, watching these games over again, is how dominant the Pats managed to be despite not being "perfect".  There were plenty of plays (WR drops, dropped INTs, overthrows, bad blocking) that could have generated even more of an advantage.  The fact that they still managed to win every single game and not be "perfect" on the field on every play says a lot about the team, and how difficult it is to perform such a feat.

      - The less said about that Cleveland game the better.  It was even more ugly than I remembered.  The one thing that stood out, though, was the play of #84, which was exceptional that day.  I know he was hurt for part of the year, but it made me wonder if he's still a question mark in people's minds?  Before the season started my perception is that a large segment of the fanbase wasn't too thrilled with him as the #1 TE.

      - In contrast to Cleveland though, the following three-game stretch (at Dallas, at Miami, vs. Washington) was completely absurd.  Viewed now from the perspective of the rest of the season it looks even more impressive than it did at the time, which is saying something.  It's a stretch of dominance that I don't think we'll see duplicated anytime soon.  Brady was responsible for 16 TDs (including 2 "rushing") over those three games.  16!  They really looked like they were playing on a totally different level from the competition, it was quite something to behold.

      - I have to admit, seeing Sean Taylor during the Washington game was a little jarring.  I had forgotten that was before his death.  RIP.

      - Sure enough, Moroney looked pretty tentative during the first game back from the injury (Miami).  But already during the next game, I could
      see some of that had worn off and he was back running hard.  Upon further review, I'm now more inclined to take BB's word for it when he kept claiming that Moroney had done just fine in the situations where they needed him.


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