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Lonnie Paxton Update (PG-13)

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  • philw1776@aol.com
    from the Herald s Inside Track... It s ``Who Wants To Marry A Patriot night at Hurricane O Reilly s, where a team of six eager ladies will try to snap up the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2002
      from the Herald's Inside Track...

      It's ``Who Wants To Marry A Patriot'' night at Hurricane O'Reilly's, where a team of six eager ladies will try to snap up the New England Patriots' studly snow angel, Lonnie Paxton. But we hear the contest referees over at MIX 98.5 are thinking they may have to throw the flag on the talent-show portion of the contest. Because the gals who applied to make a pass at Paxton didn't exactly come up with any, er, G-rated ``stupid human tricks. ''``Women are lining up for this thing but the talents are questionable,'' said our spy in Lonnie-land. ``No one's come forward with a real one yet. ''Well, it depends on your definition of talent! On the questionnaire for prospective Brides Of Lonnie, it asks ``What Stupid Human Tricks would you do?'' Answered one: ``None, but I'm good in the sack.'' A second boastful babe replied, ``None, but check out my picture: I have great breasts and they are real! ''Well, honesty is sort of a talent. . . .Lonnie will pick a mate - or a date anyway - at the contest tonight based on beauty, the Q & A, and, should anyone display any, talent.

      -philw (admires honesty)

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