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Re: [patriotzip] I've seen enough

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Great post again. I choose to be away from the computer during the game but usually we have one online for stats or other pertinent updates while watching
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 4, 2007
      Great post again.  I choose to be away from the computer during the game but usually we have one online for stats or other pertinent updates while watching from the Shrine.  We had some emotional moments going through this game and the  biggest concern for me is the repetition of defensive struggle.  Sure we've played back to back behemoth offensive lines with the players averaging more than 340 pounds for the Eagles and the Ravens.  These big birds wore down our line but this week it was much worse when we should have been absolutely putting Willis McGahee as our primary focus on their offense.  I'm botherred a bit (and only a bit) less with opposing QBs shedding their normal play and playing fantastically if that is what happens.   He absolutely had a great game which is very untypical and some of it was hitting open folk over the middle as you said which is obviously a big concern.  Some of it was him handling good pressure and making very good throws too.  We are really going to get the best shot of most every team we face here on out and Tedy was probably right on that front. 
      On the things we can and must do to play better, the front seven must start winning their battles and shutting down the run.  This showed plenty of promise late in the game when we did stop him as our defense actually had a decent fourth quarter.  From the Sanders interception onward the defense managed to dig into themselves and play but they better do more of that.  Richard Seymour was a silent factor in tis game which is probably a partial tribute to Jonathan Ogden  and his dominance of our own top notch lineman.  I really believe that when playing lines of this mass we have to consider switching to the 4-3 so we can match up a bit of weight and strength to their weight and strength.  Asking your linebackers to do this with one less linebacker in the rotation (Colvin) is a big request as they are taking on much larger offensive linemen on a regular basis.  I'm sure Bellichick and Peas had their reasons but that's my initial reaction.
      We also need better play out of the corners and safeties over the middle.  It seemed to me that Harrison was silent in the first half before having a very solid fourth quarter.  Merriweather has started to show up on the radar and despite dropping a game clincher he was in the right position more than not and perhaps there's some signs we are going to shore up that middle with some future schemes using our expanded secondary.  Bottom line is that our pressure was just short in this game and that presure would immediately make this a better secondary.
      One final thought is that Moss suggested the players were mentally and physically a bit beat and he hopes the coaching staff will help them get a little recovery time.  It's a short week before we host Pittsburgh and that is a rather signficant match up because it's the next game and because a victory there would clinch Home field throughout the playoffs if I'm not mistaken.
      Go Pats!
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      Subject: Re: [patriotzip] I've seen enough

      OK, unlike George and David, I cannot bring myself near a computer during a game, and therefore am spared from making what appear to be rash judgments rendered moot by the outcome (no offense intended, I was screaming the same things DURING the game)

      That said, I am stunned at how bad our defense looked in every aspect, notably a complete inability to stop one guy, McGahee in this game, just like Addai in the Colts game.  They also succeeded (as in the Eagles game) in making a 3rd-rate mediocre QB look like a superstar, able to hit long and short in a woeful secondary.  Hobbs and Samuel got owned repeatedly and fooled by standard routes to average receivers.  The defensive play was as bad as I’ve seen it in years.

      And the O-line obviously did not protect Brady the way they used to, nor the way they are supposed to.  Even when they showed a strong side blitz, we didn’t adjust, and Brady didn’t get rid of the ball fast enough.

      The Ravens brought their A-game, an A-game no one thought they had this year.  Boller looked like a pro bowler, and McGahee made us look like high school boys.  We apparently thought our C-game would be OK, until we HAD to make plays and than, thank the football gods and Tom and Jabbar, we made them.

      And Maroney?  Don’t unload him yet—he’s a star in my book.  A couple of key caries and some heads up running made a nice complement to workhorse Kevin Faulk.

      I remember when every game used to be like this.  I hope the Humble Pie is served early tomorrow morning....we have a couple of tough ones left.  


      Steve Basile
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      On 12/3/07 9:56 PM, "David Price" <castsashadow@ hotmail.com> wrote:

      This is going to be a Patriots loss.  The way they are playing, I don't see how they can come back.

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      From: George <mailto:patswingr@ yahoo.com>  
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      Sent: Monday, December 03, 2007 10:55  PM
      Subject: [patriotzip] Legal Question

      ***** Does the collective bargaining agreement require that the  Patriots
      players who are on the field when the Ravens have the ball get  paid for this
      game,  even though they are NOT PARTICIPATING IN IT?!!!  

      ***** This looks more like a Rod Rust defense than a Bill Belichick  defense!

      "I don't have a whole lot of what-ifs. We won three  Super Bowls," (Tom

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