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  • George
    ***** Terrible news about Colvin. Not a disaster, but a significant blow to our D flexibility. ***** I see Vrabel moving to Colvin s spot. When we re in a 3-4,
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 27, 2007
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      ***** Terrible news about Colvin. Not a disaster, but a significant blow to our D flexibility.
      ***** I see Vrabel moving to Colvin's spot. When we're in a 3-4, it will be Vrabel, Seau, Bruschi, and Thomas, L-R. With 3 LBs, who knows. Any combination of those 4 can be worked by BB, depending upon what he sees as the best matchups.
      ***** In terms of depth, we're fortunate that Eric Alexander is healthy again. He was beginning to show signs of progress in spelling Tedy or Seau inside. We really need that depth now. Chad Brown is likely to be behind even Alexander, from what we saw of him earlier. Strictly an "emergency" sub. I wonder if Pierre Woods is ready for some LOS work? He's been doing a pretty good job on STs, from what I've seen. But he was also dinged up against the Steelers.
      ***** Then, of course, there's our "extra LB", Rodney Harrison. He may be seeing even more time in the box for the rest of the season, with Sanders doing more of the more traditional SS work. Possibly lots of 3-3-5 defensive sets when we need to give one our top 4 LBs a blow.
      ***** Oh yeah. I am,  of course, overjoyed to see Troy Brown activated! As good as Gaffney played last week, I'm still looking forward to the combination of Moss, Stallworth, Welker, and Brown on the field at the same time! Offensive Coordinator's NIGHTMARE!!

      "I don't have a whole lot of what-ifs. We won three Super Bowls," (Tom Brady)


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      Lots of moves today. Colvin to IR. Not good. Replaced by Chad Brown
      (again). The big news; Troy Brown activated! Kareem Brown waived. He
      will probably clear, and be signed to the PS.

      Seven WR's. What does everyone make of that?


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogro ups.com, "Frank" <frank.dana@ ...> wrote:

      > I remember Wilson
      being a real hitter in his first couple years.
      > People were looking to
      him to be the heir-apparent to Rodney. I
      > don't know if it's just the
      injuries or what, but he certainly has
      > done a disappearing act.
      > Even if they IR or release Wilson, that would give us seven WR's on
      > the roster. That could hurt us in other areas, especially if we have
      > to rely on the likes of Baker and Jackson in the secondary. Do you
      > think they might cut Kelly Washington? He's done well on ST, but
      > that's been his only contribution. They wouldn't have brought Chad
      > Jackson back if they weren't planning to use him. I think Washington
      > may be move, if they activate Troy.
      > fdb
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      > >
      I'll ve very tuned into the Troy Brown watch at 4 pm today. I
      > have this
      nagging suspicion that Eugene Wilson says farewell either
      > by IR or a
      straight cut. Wilson used to play very well for us but
      > he's been
      struggling most of the time either via injury or
      > performance since the
      first time asked to carry the load without
      > Rodney. He put it together
      for the playoff run last year but then
      > succumbed to injury again. He'd
      be gone already if Merriweather had
      > come to speed quickly but I think
      we'll have to assume that Wilson's
      > contract year wasn't as he hoped and
      see what the off-season brings
      > for him.
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      [patriotzip] Decision day...
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      > > Mike Reiss
      is reporting that today is decision day for Troy
      > Brown. I'm
      > > sure it's a tough one.
      > >
      > > fdb
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