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Re: [patriotzip] Game Night!

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    All of these are great points! I really think Tedy has it correct, we should absolutely expect and be prepared for every team remaining to give everything they
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 27, 2007
      All of these are great points! 
      I really think Tedy has it correct, we should absolutely expect and be prepared for every team remaining to give everything they have towards beating us.  We have to focus on each of them one at a time but I'll tell you that I give more credit to the Eagles for an excellent game plan and fantastic execution against us.  We were not at our best but we weren't entirely shoddy either - it was moe their credit than our detriment.  I do think that a better effort by us from the coaching through the players and we could have handled this best shot better.  I love a wake up call when it's not too late to catch the bus!
      Go Pats!
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      There are perhaps several  pertinent thoughts we should consider as the season progresses.

      First,  The Patriots played last night like a team that was not focused on being undefeated but a team that knew it has played its way into the playoffs.  They did play well to some extent.  After all, they kept coming back and did play solid "zone"   defense against a very inspired team.

      Second,  If anyone thinks that challenging events do not bring teams and organizations together, then think again.  If the Eagles had been playing their first 10 games the way they had played last night they wouldn't have been a 5-5 team coming in. 

      Third,  Maybe the fact that the Eagles knew they had to play their best game or be embarrassed provided considerable incentive for them to come  together as a team when they may not have  played at this level this  season.

      Fourth,  Might it be that the fact that a young QB got the start might have also contributed to making the Eagles play better as a team because they knew that Feeley could not play at McNabb's level?  And lo and behold, Feeley played a lot better than many folks thought.  Strange how that happens.  Might even make the Eagles, sooner rather than later,  wash their hands of McNabb? 

      Fifth,  And might it be that some of the remaining "patsies' on the Patriots schedule could also be inspired to play above their previous levels?  The remaining season is not a ‘shoo-in’ for the Patriots to remain undefeated.    If they play against the Ravens like they did last night, a loss could be on the horizon.. And that may not necessarily be a bad thing as the Patriots march toward the SB.

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