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Sox STILL more popular than Pats

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  • philw1776@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2002
      Will McDonough, Globe Staff, 4/20/2002

      Sox win again
      The Red Sox are still the most popular team in Boston, according to the latest ESPN poll, done by TNS Intersearch. A year ago, the Boston teams ranked in popularity
      with the local fans like this:

      Red Sox - 28.2

      Patriots - 12.6

      Bruins - 7.8

      Celtics - 6.1

      This Year:

      Red Sox - 24.7

      Patriots - 20.4

      Bruins - 7.9

      Celtics - 6.2
      Guess Bostonians prefer losers.  That's why we're known as Loserville. 
      I guess we just hafta wait until more of the old beesball geezers die off...

      -philw (how 'bout them Bruins?)

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