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RE: Ventrone Activated

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  • George
    ***** Good points, Phil. Certainly, there s no benefit in signing Corey now, since he can t contribute any earlier than the game with Buffalo; and anything
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2007
      ***** Good points, Phil. Certainly, there's no benefit in signing Corey
      now, since he can't contribute any earlier than the game with Buffalo; and
      anything short of RB genocide at Indy would make him unnecessary for that
      one. I still do favor signing him. I wonder if there's a rule against
      allowing a "guy" who's not a member of the team to use the team's facilities
      to workout? Seriously, with a couple of weeks to evaluate him, that could be
      a very good idea. Bring him in, and let him work out at Gillette, if it's

      ***** The PUP questions, when combined with this question of RB depth, are
      really tough. Sentimentally (and we all know how sentimental BB is), it
      would be nice to have Troy back on the 53. Looking ahead, as I mentioned a
      couple of weeks ago, it would be good to give Chad Jackson some playing time
      to get him ready for a bigger role next season. (Or just to determine if he
      is, in fact, an NFL receiver.) As for Eddie Jackson, I see very little
      likelihood for anything other than a cut or the IR list for him. Mel
      Mitchell and Rashad Baker give us all the depth and STs help we need at the
      back end of the DB group, and both are much more experienced than EJ.

      ***** So, as I see it, there are 3 reasonable possibilities to consider as
      additions to the 53: Brown, C. Jackson, and Dillon. If we add any or all of
      them, who would we cut? I could see Washington going out for either Brown or
      Jackson. There are now 11 DBs on the roster. So Ventrone could probably be
      put back on the PS to bring in the other of those two. And I could see Eckel
      going out for Dillon, despite the obvious loss on STs. (How much does Eckel
      really contribute there that somebody else couldn't take over?)

      ***** All of that tells me that we could bring all 3 onto the 53 man roster
      sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. If I had a vote, I'd do just that. But BB
      hasn't called yet!

      "I don't have a whole lot of what-ifs. We won three Super Bowls," (Tom

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      Reiss et. al. are correct. Assuming that Corey is healthy enough to play
      and works his aging ass into shape, there need be no rush to put him on the
      53. First BB needs to decide next week whom to cut if he puts either or
      both of the Jacksons, a CB and WR on the 53. If they don't go on the 53
      they either need to be 'injured' and put on IR or cut. I wonder who will be
      released from the 53 next Tuesday besides Ventrone?

      We have a bye next week and face Buffalo the week after. There is no need
      to rush and make a precipitous RB decision like signing Dillon until nearly
      Thanksgiving. We'll know more about the overall team health and needs then.
      That of course presumes that Maroney does not get dinged up yet again. If
      so all bets are off.
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