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I Think Rodney's Ready!

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  • George
    ***** This from Reiss Blog: FOXBOROUGH -- Safety Rodney Harrison was all business during the media s access to the locker room today. He swatted away
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      ***** This from Reiss' Blog:

      FOXBOROUGH -- Safety Rodney Harrison was all business during the media's
      access to the locker room today. He swatted away questions about last year's
      AFC Championship game with authority, setting a business-like tone.
      "Let's just play," Harrison responded when asked if he enjoys playing in the
      RCA Dome. "If I played them back at Foxborough High, it doesn't matter."
      Wearing a red New England Patriots T-Shirt with the team's old logo,
      Harrison repeatedly deflected questions about last year's AFC Championship
      game. He said it had no relevance on what will happen Sunday.
      "It comes down to mano y mano, making plays man to man," he said. "You can
      disguise, do whatever you want, but it comes down to one-on-one match-ups.
      Who's going to make the most plays?"
      Harrison did not play in the AFC Championship game last year with a knee
      injury. He had injured his scapula in the first quarter of the
      regular-season meeting between the teams, and missed the rest of that game.
      Harrison was also sidelined for the 2005 clash between the Patriots and
      Colts, a 40-21 Indianapolis win at Gillette Stadium.
      Yet any mention of the past contests was met with resistance by Harrison.
      "You just have to win," he said. "It doesn't matter. It comes down to who's
      going to win. We're not carrying a grudge. We're getting ready for Sunday,
      we're preparing ourselves. Each game that we face them will be a tremendous
      challenge for us. We're not caught up in what happened last year and revenge
      and all that stuff. We're focused on what we have to do this week to get the
      job done."

      ***** I knew that Rodney was out of the AFC Championship; but, thanks to my
      usual poor memory for details, I had forgotten that he played only in the
      1st Q of the regular season game; and had missed the previous game with them
      in 2005.

      ***** Now, given the history of Mr Harrison, with regard to performing in
      big games; given that he was injured by this same team last season; given
      the point I mentioned yesterday about the expectations for a game dominated
      by the opposing offenses; and, of course, given that he's certainly among
      the most pissed off of the Patriots about the "cheating" label; what do you
      think Rodney's attitude is going into this game? No cameras. No drugs.
      "Let's just play."

      (Glad I'm not running a play against Rodney this week.)

      "I don't have a whole lot of what-ifs. We won three Super Bowls," (Tom
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