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RE: A great article

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  • Rob Bosch
    Yeah Bill Simmons is a favorite of mine. I think I sent you guys the link to his article right after the Super Bowl. It was one of the best articles I had
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      Yeah Bill Simmons is a favorite of mine. I think I sent you guys the link to
      his article right after the Super Bowl. It was one of the best articles I
      had read...ever. He captured the glorious moment of the Pats winning the
      Super Bowl better than anybody else could have.

      As for his take on Drew, I think he's right on the money. You guys may think
      I'm a Drew basher, but I'm not. I really really like Drew, both as a man and
      as a player. I have genuine sadness that he will no longer be a Patriot. One
      year ago who would have thought it would be possible? They showed a clip
      last night on TV of him winning that game against the Bills a few years
      ago...remember the one where his finger was hurt and he threw that TD to
      Coates in the back of the end zone? I swear I almost got choked up when I
      saw him in a Pats uniform celebrating the win. It's especially tough because
      he really did not want to leave here. That's rare these days...an athlete
      showing loyalty to a city and to a team. What happened to Drew is that a set
      of circumstances came about which really led to no other choice but for him
      to be traded.

      I am a big Tom Brady fan. I think he is the right QB for this team. I have
      more faith in him than I did in Drew. I just think he makes quicker and
      better decisions than Drew does, on a more consistent basis. He helped the
      Patriots win the friggin super bowl for cripes sake! I think he deserves to
      be the QB of this team, without a challenge from anybody else this summer.
      He earned that right by playing the way he did last year under very trying
      circumstances. You might say that Drew earned the right to try and win his
      job back because of the years of service he put in as the Patriot's QB.
      While I do agree with that somewhat, I also think that Drew would be set up
      for a fall. Suppose he won his job back. What would happen as soon as he
      failed? The fans would be all over him. "How could the Patriots replace the
      Super Bowl MVP with this guy" they would say. In my opinion this break had
      to happen, no matter how painful it is for the fans and for Drew. The
      Patriots had a blessing last year in having two excellent QB's...and
      people...on their roster. That couldn't happen again this coming year...it
      wouldn't work for many different reasons. So Drew is a Bill and we all feel
      kind of weird about it, and we should. But one thing I know is that when
      Drew comes to play the Patriots in December he will get a roaring ovation
      from the fans, who in the end really do appreciate everything that he did
      for the city and for the team. This won't be like Parcells coming back...a
      hated man for the way he left the team. This is a guy that wanted to stay
      but simply could not do it, and we should all respect him for that. I think
      this will be a great rivalry the next few years, but a rivalry with a
      friendly undertone (if that's possible). I look forward to watching Drew
      compete against the Patriots, and vice versa. It will be weird, but sort of
      cool at the same time.

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      I like this Bill Simmons guy, he writes very good and very accurate articles
      pertaining to the New England sports scene and its fans. I guess he's right
      about how we as fans have been making excuses for Drew and the teams
      shortcomings for years, but even now its tough to admit it. I really do
      wish Drew all the best, with the exception of his head to head match ups
      with the Pats of course. I wore my Bledsoe jersey all last year and it
      seemed to be lucky so I'll probably wear it another year, but after that I
      guess I'll have to cut the cord as Simmons said.

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      I couldn't say it any better myself.


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