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Re: [patriotzip] Draft Analysis and Trade Evaluation

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  • George R
    ***** Thanks, John. You saved me some typing! I agree with nearly ... ***** I had the same initial reaction, and thoughtful correction. I m confident that
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 22, 2002
      ***** Thanks, John. You saved me some typing! I agree with nearly
      everything you said here. My comments on your take:

      --- John Warren <packy001@...> wrote:
      > Here is my take on the Draft and Trade:
      > Graham - initially I was pissed that hey took a TE
      > when they had 6 already and the Draft was deep in TE's
      > (I think 23 were drafted and a bunch more will be
      > signed as UFA). But when I looked at it rationally, I
      > realized it was a good move. There were about 20
      > players rated as sure fire 1st round picks. The Pats
      > traded up to get a Quality TE. Because of the
      > plethora of TE's available, Graham may have been
      > de-valued. He is fast, not as big (6'3" 245) and a
      > good downfield blocker. Needs to work on his in-line
      > blocking. Can you envision him as a WR rather than
      > TE? Split him out one on one against a DB. Just a
      > thought.

      ***** I had the same initial reaction, and "thoughtful" correction. I'm
      confident that his blocking will improve. He has the attitude, just
      needs the instruction. I'm also confident that we'll see him split, as
      well as in tight. I can see some intitial 2-TE formations, where he
      shifts wide. How does a Red Zone formation with Hayes at WR, Cleeland
      and Graham at TE, Antowain Smith at RB, and Edwards at FB sound to you?
      Talk about options!!

      > Branch - a definite reach here. I didn't like this
      > selection at all. Especially with Saleem Rasheed
      > sitting there. They need LB's and could have taken a
      > WR later. Branch has positives, he is more quick than
      > fast. His times at the combine were tops in the
      > shuttle runs, which measures change of direction and
      > quickness. He was very productive at Louisville
      > catching 72 passes this year. He will help on special
      > teams.

      ***** I see TC competition between Branch and Givens for the KR job.
      (Didn't see your Givens comments as I write this.) *If* the "hands"
      concern is not really a problem, this will be a good pick. A 4/5 WR,
      who is a good KR/PR man will get no criticism from me. We'll just have
      to wait and see on the "hands" issue. I also would have taken Rasheed
      here, personally. But I haven't coached a team to a SB, so I'll sit
      down and shut up until we see Branch play!

      > Davey - This was the signal that Drew was gone. I
      > must admit I liked McCown better. When he was taken,
      > the Patriots had to jump up and select Davey. He
      > really came on last year, against tough competition.
      > He has good mechanics and touch. My concern about him
      > is his weight. He is so big. I didn't realize he was
      > 6'3" with all that weight he carries. (just wish we
      > made the trade with Buffalo and got #36 Josh Reed).
      > Can develop into a quality QB.

      ***** Nothing much to add on Davey. I concur. I like him. I think BB
      will get his weight where he wants it.

      > Green - The more I look at him the better I like this
      > pick. I didn't realize what a good player he was,
      > playing at that high level of competition. He also
      > had 20 career sacks. He is more known as a run
      > stuffer, camparible to Bobby Hamilton. Does anyone se
      > the connection here? Another player selected from a
      > Nick Saban team. (Whats the matter with Trev Faulk?)

      ***** Exactly! The Sporting News actually said he "might be the best
      run stopping DE in the draft"! I commented yesterday that this is
      "Bobby Hamilton in training." I'm very enthused about this pick, and
      think he'll turn out to be a steal from the end of R4!

      > Womack - An absolutely wasted pick. He has a torn ACL
      > from the gridiron classic all star game. He cannot
      > play at all this year. He had good speed and
      > toughness, a weghtroom warrior. Avg 5.1 a carry, and
      > could have been something. Missed 7 games his senior
      > year with an ankle problem, then came back for the
      > last game against Penn St and ran for 151 yds.
      > Strictly 2003.

      ***** Total roll of the dice. Which, I suppose, is OK for a SB
      Championship team in R7. But this really is the ultimate "if" pick! :-)

      > Givens - Can play all over the field. An athlete.
      > Not overly productive at any position. Played manly
      > WR, but also threw 5 passes, RB and rec. ST ace, on
      > KO. If he makes the team it's strictly because of his
      > versatility and special teams play.

      ***** Yup. As I noted above, I think he has a good shot at the KR job.
      Very possible, IMO, that both he and Branch stick. WR corps right now
      looks like: Hayes, Brown, Patten, Coleman, Branch, Givens.

      > The Trade - My sources stated that an offer was agreed
      > to on Saturday for #36 and a conditional pick in 2003
      > (not sure what the conditions were or how high the
      > pick was) and that the Patriots backed out of it.
      > This offer came after pick #32 which Washington used
      > to select Patrick Ramsey (as I had correctly predicted
      > see my website mock draft). Buffalo was going to use
      > #36 on Ramsey. If the deal was 2 this year and 2
      > (with the same conditions of Bledsoe starting 12 games
      > and the Bills making the playoffs for a #1) then Bill
      > Bellichk really blew it. Getting a #1 for Drew was
      > great. However the Bills are a much better team now.
      > They gave us all we could handle both times we played
      > them last year. Belichik must be pretty confident
      > that he knows how to beat Bledsoe. BB exposed all his
      > weaknesses when he was D coordinator for the Jets and
      > everyone team in the league saw it and adapted his
      > scheme exposing Bledsoe. I just would have liked to
      > see Josh Reed here rather than Deion Branch. That
      > would have meant Saleem Rasheed would be here too!

      ***** I also liked that R2 now and conditional R2-R1 in 2003, John, for
      the same reasons you state. Although, I probably would have gone DE
      with #32, then Rasheed with #36. But, it's done. And I am happy with
      the R1 next season as a good deal. Much will depend upon how Branch
      turns out for a final evaluation of the decision to pass on the first
      trade option.

      George 665 + 36 =
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