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Journalistic Integrity

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  • George
    ***** Yeah, I know, it s an oxymoron. ;-) But I am really concerned about the story out of Arizona about Matt Leinart s supposed comments, which he later
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2007
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      ***** Yeah, I know, it's an oxymoron. ;-) But I am really concerned about
      the story out of Arizona about Matt Leinart's supposed comments, which he
      later denied in totality. The comments attributed to him can be very
      damaging to the chemistry within a team. If this was all made up by some
      reporter, that reporter should be exposed for it. If the comments were heard
      by others, or recorded, that should be revealed, and Leinart exposed as a
      guy without the guts to stand behind his statements. Here's the story:

      QB Matt Leinart
      (ARI) HC Ken Whisenhunt talked this morning about his quarterback situation
      and reiterated what he has said all along -- that it is working, and Matt
      Leinart is the starter, and it will remain there as he is evaluated
      week-by-week. Whisenhunt was also asked about Leinart's comments to Yahoo!
      Sports which portray his frustration. Whisenhunt said he doesn't mind
      Leinart letting people know up to a point. Meanwhile, Leinart said his
      comments were taken out of context and then said he was misquoted all
      together regarding his frustrations with the dual quarterback strategy
      Whisenhunt has employed. Leinart played the first and fourth quarters, while
      backup QB Kurt Warner played most of the middle two quarters in a 21-14 win
      over Pittsburgh. Leinart was quoted as saying, "I just want them to ride or
      die with me. If I'm the franchise quarterback, play me and let me stumble,
      because I'll fight through it, and that will help me and our team in the
      long run. - I know coaches want to win now, and I guess they have their
      reasons. But I don't understand it, and this switching back and forth is
      almost worse than getting benched." Leinart later admitted that he's going
      through a tough challenge, but tried to put out the fire Monday by saying,
      "None of that was said. I don't really recall ever saying any of those
      things to anyone."

      ***** So, is the reporter a slime ball looking for a story; or is Leinart a
      weasel trying to back out of a whine? Whichever is the case, I hope they
      don't let this die without getting to the truth. Right now, I'd have to say
      that Leinart's "I don't really recall.", rather than a definitive denial,
      makes him the "underdog" in this one.

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!
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