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Re: [patriotzip] Rounds of applause...

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  • Susan Moore
    I had to laugh about the who dey , etc.--really funny...let s hope the entire season has every opponent shaking their heads and saying what the ---was
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2, 2007
      I had to laugh about the "who dey", etc.--really funny...let's hope the entire season has every opponent shaking their heads and saying what the ---was that!!!!!!!  GO PATS!!!!!!
      Do we play pouting Peyton and his band of almost-theres?? At least we won't be hearing about their "repeat", thank goodness, at least that's my opinion--I'm hoping we can make it FOUR out of SEVEN this year!!!!!
      I'm not impressed by much that I see the Colts doing--they've barely squeaked by in a couple of those games.
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      I agree wholeheartedly, and add Donte Stallworth in the “Unsung Hero” category, for 4 catches and heads up running that kept a couple of drives alive, notably the one that ended with another Moss TD in the 4th.  The D forced Cincy to 0-7 conversions on 3rd down—awesome.  And Welker’s rep as a playmaker quietly continues, with a nice reverse for 25+ yards that broke things open nicely.

      Oh and the Cowboys?  I’m THERE—just up the road from Austin, 3 buddies and I will make the trip--looking forward to silencing all the blue-star-wearing “Romo is God” nitwits I run into down here in the Live Music Capital of the World.

      If Cincy says “Who Dey?” and New Orleans says “Who Dat?” the only thing Dallas will be saying after our game is “What the F*#$ Was That?”

      Go Pats!


      PS: George: I got the sarcasm—nice assessment too.  I hate giving up a pick though—his passer rating is in trouble now!  Thank goodness he decided against a career with the Expos.

      Steve Basile
      B.D. Riley's Irish Pub
      Austin, TX
      "Think Global, Drink Local"
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      On 10/2/07 7:00 AM, "Frank" <frank.dana@comcast. net> wrote:

      for Sammy Morris... he was more than ready for his closeup.
      for Randy Moss... on pace to shatter Jerry Rice's receiving TD record.
      for Mike Vrabel... Nine catches, nine TDs. They need to create a
      catagory for this in the record books.
      for the entire "D"... holding Cincy's offense to one TD.
      Tom Brady... even though his completion percentage  dropped from 79.5%
      to 79.2%. As he says, "We all have to get better".

      You gotta feel for the Bungles; coming in with 4 LBs, and ending up
      with only 2. I think their D did pretty well, under the circumstances.

      I bet Romeo has mixed feelings about visiting his buddy Bill next week.

      Can't wait for the showdown with the 'boys!



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