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I'm supporting Wilfork

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  • George
    ***** I totally buy into everything Wilfork said in the interview quoted below. The key points leading me to that opinion are: 1. as he said, he has never been
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2007
      ***** I totally buy into everything Wilfork said in the interview quoted
      below. The key points leading me to that opinion are: 1. as he said, he has
      never been labeled a dirty player at any point in his career; 2. the level
      of sincerity I get from the full content of his comments. If you missed it,
      here are his comments:

      FOXBOROUGH -- Nose tackle Vince Wilfork drew a large media crowd in the
      Patriots' locker room today, and said he's reached out to Bills QB J.P.
      Losman to let him know he did not intend to injure him in Sunday's game.
      Wilfork and Losman have yet to connect. Wilfork, who has yet to hear from
      the NFL regarding a potential fine, feels his reputation is taking an unfair
      "Let me make something clear," he said while sitting at his locker,
      surrounded by cameras. "A lot of people probably listened to what I said and
      took it the wrong way. The only reason I talked about a fine is that they
      have a rule for quarterbacks -- if you hit them below the waist you're
      subject to a fine. A lot of people probably think that Wilfork doesn't care,
      he's looking for the fine. That wasn't the fact. I got penalized for that,
      there are consequences behind that.
      "Did I mean to do that? No, far from that. Like I just said, if you know me
      as a person and a player, it wouldn't be an issue because they know I have
      too much respect and love for this game, and for players, for me to be a
      dirty player.
      "So if you don't know me, don't judge me. Point blank, that's what I want
      people to know. You have a lot of people out there saying 'that was a dirty
      hit.' If you don't know me, get to know me. Because if you know me, that
      wouldn't be a question. I'm not a dirty player."
      Wilfork was asked if he felt center Melvin Fowler was riding him on the hit
      on Losman, which came on the game's first play and knocked Losman out of the
      contest after three plays (knee strain).
      "I have one guy tripping me up, and I have one guy hitting my left leg,"
      Wilfork said. "Of course, that's the only reason I was falling. I'm mad at
      the reason, because he's hurt. That's a quarterback. That's what I regret.
      Him being a quarterback and getting hurt wasn't intentional."
      Wilfork said he has some friends on the Bills and has reached out to Losman
      through them.
      "I've tried to talk to him, as a person, to let him know how I feel about
      the whole situation. We have people blowing this thing out of proportion,
      saying how dirty I am. All these years I've been playing football, never
      once have I been labeled a dirty player. All of a sudden, I'm a dirty
      player. ...
      "When I leave this earth, I'm going to leave with one thing, and that's my
      name. Don't bash my name because of one incident. As long as he understands
      that wasn't intentional, and that organization [understands], I'm fine."
      Wilfork was asked to clear up how he landed on Losman, with his right elbow
      flexed as he was falling. The elbow made contact with Losman's knee.
      "I have a million and one things going on in my mind," he said. "You're
      tripping, a 300-and-something pound [lineman] tripping, I have no idea
      what's going on. I don't know where my arm is at. Like I said, it wasn't

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