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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Certainly count me amongst the numbers of those with high confidence and expectations for this team. Before I overly laud our well performing defense tough, I
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      Certainly count me amongst the numbers of those with high confidence and expectations for this team.  Before I overly laud our well performing defense tough, I will point out we've played the worst offense in the league (Buffalo) and a pair of fatally flawed offensive teams.  Pennington cannot throw the deep pass and that greatly impacts his Jets offense while Phillip Rivers is so one dimensinal that he and his poor quality wideouts are also a flawed crew.  We will face a very good offense in the Bengals this week and have a much better understanding for where our team defense really belongs.
      We will face several better quality teams than San Diego at this early juncture and our two division rivals.  Bengals, Cowboys, Colts, Ravens are all likely to give us more of a challenge and add Pittsburgh to that list as well.  We are a team that if focus and work ehtic remains high, injuries remain low; should contend deep into the playoffs but by those playoffs we'll really know if this team is remarkable in NFL history.
      The Bengals have much to prove and would erase much by beating New England - expect a fired up opponent who lost to us last October 1 by giving up... you guessed it... 38 points to us!
      Go Pats!
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      From: George
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      Subject: [patriotzip] RE: BB Red Zone Quote

      ***** I'd like to point out that our D has not allowed any team to score
      more than 14 points; and that these RZ "failures" have occurred without the
      presence of Mr. Richard Seymour and Mr. Rodney Harrison.

      ***** Take a look at the NFL stats. The Patriots are #1 in total D; #2 in
      pass D; #5 in rush D, and, in the one that counts MOST, they are #3 in
      scoring D. All of this has been accomplished while missing two Pro Bowl
      defensive players that most people rate among the best on our team. And all
      of this while standing at #2 in scoring. A continuation of this level of
      performance will carry us to another Super Bowl win.

      ***** What, me worry? Nope.

      ***** My only concern about this team is whether fate will step in and hit
      us with some injuries to key players. If that does not happen, I truly
      believe that this team cannot be defeated by any team in the NFL this
      season. The DL, the "AT factor", and the "Moss factor", combined with the
      game management skills and field vision of Tom Brady, and the coaching
      genius of Bill Belichick, make the 2007 Patriots the best team in the
      history of the NFL, IMO. Only injuries can prevent that from becoming an
      irrefutable fact.

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!

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      Subject: BB Red Zone Quote

      Maybe this is why BB doesn't really say anything of importance. When
      commenting on the red zone D and the fact that opponents are 5 for 5, here
      is what he said after saying it was his fault for poor coaching.

      "You can't let them in the end zone every time they cross the 20-yard line.
      It's ridiculous."

      Isn't that the definition of the red zone?

      Seriously, though. Yes, 5 for 5 is bad. But think of it another way. We
      have only allowed 5 trips into the red zone in 3 games. That's 12 quarters
      of play. Not bad at all but in true BB fashion, there is always bad with
      the good.


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