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Re: [SPAM] Re: [patriotzip] Did We Underestimate This Team?

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  • Susan Moore
    WOW!!!!!!!! What a great start---I predict that the commissioner handed us bigtime motivation for that Super Bowl ring. Expensive ring for BB but well worth
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 24, 2007
      WOW!!!!!!!! What a great start---I predict that the commissioner handed us bigtime motivation for that Super Bowl ring.
      Expensive ring for BB but well worth it, huh? Indy is not the team it was last year and is not winning in a convincing manner--who does anyone think that might give us some competition? Steelers?
      San Diego is doing its last gasp right now.
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      From: George
      Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2007 10:41 PM
      Subject: RE: [SPAM] Re: [patriotzip] Did We Underestimate This Team?

      ***** Rob, there are two facts that really stand out for me in regard to this incredible start. The Belichick Patriots have nearly always started the season with far less than "peak" performance. Add to that the fact that we are missing 2 of our Pro Bowl defenders, Rodney and Big Sey, and this is truly amazing!

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      Hey George, glad you got to watch most of the game!  I'm in the same boat - not in my wildest dreams did I think the team would be THIS good right out of the gate, at least not on anything other than an occasional basis against bad teams.

      Indy remains the lone game that concerns me right now, though admittedly that may be based mainly on flashbacks to the AFC Championship Game.  I don't think anyone would argue that this Patriots team is VASTLY superior to the team that barely lost in the dome back in January, and the Colts haven't exactly been setting the world on fire the last couple of weeks.  But of course things could look remarkably different 5 weeks from now (with injuries and whatnot), so I'll wait until then to see...

      Ultimately I don't think we'll go 16-0, but it sure would be sweet if it happened.

      - Rob

      On 9/23/07, George < patswingr@yahoo. com> wrote:

      ***** Many of us discussed the tremendous increase in offensive options that
      the Pats would have this season as a result of the additions of Randy Moss
      and Wes Welker. Very few, if any, here questioned the wisdom of trading a R2
      and R4 pick for these guys. Those of you who did (you know who you are) now
      know how I felt a couple of years after I declared the hiring of BB to be a
      disaster for this team. :-)

      ***** Most of us also looked forward with great anticipation to similar
      increase in options and effectiveness that Adalius Thomas would bring to
      the defense. I don't think anybody questioned that move.

      ***** But these first 3 games have been far beyond my most optimistic
      expectations. I'd guess that most of you feel the same way. We expected that
      Randy Moss could stretch the field, and open the shorter routes for guys
      like Welker and Watson; as well as loosen the defense against the running
      game. It all looked good on paper. But did it look THIS good to you? This
      offense has been as close to perfect as an NFL offense can be through these
      first 3 games.

      ***** And how has the defense done with the addition of AT? How much of a
      difference has he made in our ability to limit the production of TE's and
      RBs in the short passing game? What does this mean to the ability of the
      secondary to concentrate more on the receivers going deep? And all of this
      without Rodney and Big Sey on the field. How good will they be when those
      two return?

      ***** Based upon what I've seen so far, I just can't see how any team can
      beat them.

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!

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