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Who Needs a Deep Threat?

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  • George
    ***** Umm, we do. Every great offense does. ***** I m listening to the WBCN post-game show, and they are harping on the influence that Moss had on this
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2007
      ***** Umm, we do. Every great offense does.

      ***** I'm listening to the WBCN post-game show, and they are harping on the
      influence that Moss had on this offense; AND reviewing the issue of the loss
      of Branch, and the deep threat that he brought, last season. They're right.
      There can be no question that having a guy who can stretch the field makes
      everything else the offense tries to do more likely to succeed.

      ***** I saw almost exactly what I expected out of the passing game. What I
      did not expect was that Moss was physically capable of doing that much this
      week. I expected it a few weeks ago, but I was concerned about his reported
      hammy problems. (More BB smoke and mirrors!) He just opens so much for a
      water bug like Welker, a better than average, less than superstar guy like
      Stallworth, a dangerous TE like Watson, and any RB we want to hand the ball

      ***** The bottom line is that this offense has every option except the
      threat of a big run by the QB. :-) Those options are there this year because
      we have added a true deep threat who demands a lot of attention from the
      opposing D. Brady, the OL, and the other players on the O are all necessary
      to make it all work. But it is Moss who gives them all those options.

      ***** And speaking of Brady, let's not overlook the fantastic game he played
      today. The said this was the 3rd highest QB rating for a game that he has
      ever had. Rating or no rating, he was DEAD ON target all game long.

      ***** OK. Let's throw up the props to Dante and his boys. A significant
      contributor to Brady's accuracy was certainly the time he had to survey the
      field. The Jets put all kinds of pressure on him last year, and tried to do
      so again in this game. But Tom was damn near untouched all game long. He
      definitely helped his cause with some great quick releases to beat the
      blitz. But most of the time, it was the blocking of the OL that did the job
      for him.

      ***** It is now 4 AM here, and I am wide awake. DAMN I'M HAPPY TO HAVE THE

      ***** One final point. All of you who live outside of the Patriots radio
      network should really consider investing the $30 for the NFL.com's "Field
      Pass" radio coverage. The pre and post-game stuff is a supplement that is
      well worth that price for any Pats fan. Having subscribed since I moved her
      last season, I now wish I had subscribed while I was in California. I had
      the DirecTV coverage, and, of course, all the USA sports shows; so I didn't
      realize how much more a "pure NE" show would add to my enjoyment. Really,
      folks, try it. (Honest, no royalties to me!) :-)

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!
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