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LPC: Bruschi Brew XII Bottling

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    This Saturday, September 8, at 3:p.m. we ll gather at Incredibrew in Nashua (www.incredibrew.com) to bottle up the newest offerings of Bruschi Brew 12. It s
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      This Saturday, September 8, at 3:p.m. we'll gather at Incredibrew in Nashua (www.incredibrew.com) to bottle up the newest offerings of Bruschi Brew 12.  It's impressive when a player can be on a team for twelve years and he's second in longevity to Troy Brown who certainly deserves many worthy tributes of his own.  Despite this we did not make a Troy Brown Brown ale.  We did, however, make four excellent options:
      Throwback Red - back by popular demand this Irish Red Ale is the lightest of our offerings and reminds us of the Throwback Jersey not the desire to throw the beer back.
      Barley Wine - Last year the Belgian Wheat had the moniker of BW but this year it is a very sweet but highly potent Barley wine made with a trapist yeast and capable of felling an ill prepared combatant.
      Black Satin - no BS, this Stout is smooth as silk and is one of the oldest Bruschi Brew traditions.
      Big Boy Stout - More grains than the Highlands of Scotland are piled into this thickest of all stouts.  It is the primary ingredient of the much revered Bruschi Brauts and is a game day meal in itself.
      While we bottle at 3 with all our friends and Bruschi Backers alike, one need not wish any beer to participate and enjoy the day.  The group will bottle, sample and then take their appetitites out to feast at a local Nashua restaurant to be determined at the bottling.  Most folks wishing a case of the beer may manage though supplies are limitted and first preference goes to those who attended either/both of the events though hopefully there is enough that all can get a bit if they wish.  Our costs is $30 per case where each case holds 12 22 oz bottles.  This is not a profit venture but a group sharing effort so anyone who does wish beer need verify through me that it is available and then pay $30 (again our cost) for their case. 
      Hopefully we'll see many of you at the event and use this to springboard into the opening day on Sunday!
      Go Pats!
      & the Mighty Quinn
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