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Roster Breakdown

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  • Mark
    I am shocked ... I shouldn t be, because I know better than to second guess the genius Bill Belichek. I can t understand why we kept both Washington and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007
      I am shocked ... I shouldn't be, because I know better
      than to second guess the genius Bill Belichek. I
      can't understand why we kept both Washington and
      Caldwell, Further, why is Tory James on this roster?
      He was toast in the preseason.

      Guttierez I can understand. Kareem Brown a 4th Rd
      pick I can understand (given Seymour's situation).

      We had room to keep Rogers ... now Dallas has a
      potential player on their special teams.

      Mills gets claimed (not a surprise)and we try to get
      him back with a threat to take one of the Vikes
      players they were trying to get through to waivers!
      We needed to get younger at ILB, but Herron was
      playing almost exclusively on the outside.

      Does Dante Wesley come back to tale James place.
      Waving him means that we don't owe the Bears a
      conditional draft pick. He technically didn't make
      our roster and could have either signed or be claimed
      by any team.

      Could BB be calling some teams bluff on a trade of a
      WR, thinking we would waive Caldwell or Washington?

      Well I got one part right! We have 4 TE's ... I am
      glad for Marcellus Rivers. He really played well
      during the pre-season.

      I like how Reiss stated that the Patriots came to an
      agreement with the Practice Squad players. Could they
      be paying them more to be on our practice squad?

      CJ Jones and Bam to the PS ... Did no other team see
      anything out of the pre-season games? Can't believe
      they made it through.

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