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  • George
    ***** Now that we re dealing with facts, some comments: Subject: da Roster Quarterback (3) Tom Brady Matt Cassel Matt Gutierrez Quick hit: Gutierrez, a rookie
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007
      ***** Now that we're dealing with facts, some comments:

      Subject: da Roster

      Quarterback (3)
      Tom Brady
      Matt Cassel
      Matt Gutierrez
      Quick hit: Gutierrez, a rookie free agent, showed too much to not earn a
      roster spot. Vinny Testaverde is cut.

      ***** Personally, I'm happy to see this. Guitierrez appears to have some
      potential, and will gain from his clipboard duty. Meanwhile, I won't be
      surprised if Vinny is on the sidelines as an "adviser", unless Josh feels
      threatened by him. He'll certainly be on call. But I'm still confident in
      Cassel. I think the Pats would go with him if ... (leave that unsaid!)

      Running back (4)
      Laurence Maroney
      Sammy Morris
      Kevin Faulk
      Heath Evans
      Quick hit: Quinton Smith the lone cut

      ***** No surprise for anybody here.

      Wide receiver (6)
      Randy Moss
      Donte' Stallworth
      Wes Welker
      Jabar Gaffney
      Kelley Washington
      Reche Caldwell
      Quick hit: Chris Dunlap, C.J. Jones, Bam Childress and Kelvin Kight the

      ***** My six-pack. But what to do, what to do, when the PUP period ends for
      Troy and Jackson?

      Tight end (3)
      Benjamin Watson
      Kyle Brady
      David Thomas
      Quick hit: Marcellus Rivers, Garrett Mills and Brian Jones the cuts. David
      Thomas comes off PUP.

      ***** The "original" TE group.

      Offensive line (9)
      Matt Light
      Logan Mankins
      Dan Koppen
      Stephen Neal
      Nick Kaczur
      Ryan O'Callaghan
      Wesley Britt
      Billy Yates
      Russ Hochstein
      Quick hit: Rookies Clint Oldenburg, Corey Hilliard and Mike Elgin are cut,
      as is veteran Gene Mruczkowski

      ***** Makes sense. Hochstein's versatility covers the backup C spot, as well
      as G and T. Youngsters O'Callaghan and Britt keepers.

      Defensive line (6)
      Ty Warren
      Vince Wilfork
      Jarvis Green
      Mike Wright
      Le Kevin Smith
      Kareem Brown
      Quick hit: Richard Seymour to reserve/PUP, while Rashad Moore, Zach West and
      Santonio Thomas are the cuts.

      ***** BB and his secrecy. I, along with most, I think, had no idea that
      Seymour had a serious injury. DAMN! I did think that Moore had a shot at a
      backup spot here. Wright and Smith are both better than I thought they were.

      Inside linebacker (5)
      Adalius Thomas
      Tedy Bruschi
      Junior Seau
      Eric Alexander
      Larry Izzo
      Quick hit: Rookie Oscar Lua to injured reserve. Corey Mays is cut.

      ***** I'm not at all worried about this group. The re-signing of Seau, and
      the continuing development of Alexander sets it.

      Outside linebacker (3)
      Mike Vrabel
      Rosevelt Colvin
      Pierre Woods
      Quick hit: Rookie Justin Rogers is cut.

      ***** I'd be more comfortable with 8 LBs. I know we'll be moving them
      around, with Thomas and Tedy both able to go outside in some sets. But the
      number still feels too low to me. Will we ever draft another LB early?! ;-)

      Cornerback (5)
      Ellis Hobbs
      Randall Gay
      Brandon Meriweather
      Tory James
      Asante Samuel*
      Quick hit: Dante Wesley and Larry Anam the cuts. Team has an exemption for
      Asante Samuel through Sept. 10 or until he is activated.

      ***** Interesting that they list Meriweather at CB. Did this come from the
      Pats' site, Steve? Likely to stay like this when they activate Assante,
      since the total, including him and Rodney, below, is 53. I would imagine
      Assante will be activated before opening day.

      Safety (6)
      Eugene Wilson
      James Sanders
      Willie Andrews
      Mel Mitchell
      Rashad Baker
      Rodney Harrison*
      Quick hit: Rodney Harrison doesn't count against the 53-man limit.

      ***** As noted above, this looks like the final (as "final" as any roster)
      list at S, since when Rodney comes back we'll be at 53. I'm a little
      surprised that they would keep one more on, though, since Rodney will be out
      for 6 weeks.

      Specialists (3)
      Kicker -- Stephen Gostkowski
      Punter -- Chris Hanson
      Long snapper -- Lonie Paxton
      ANALYSIS: The Patriots have some flexibility to bring in another player,
      as Rodney Harrison doesn't count against the 53-man roster limit. No big
      surprises here. Rookie Matt Gutierrez is the big winner, as the quarterback
      showed too much in the preseason to risk losing him. He beats out Vinny

      Steve - this is subject to change

      ***** All year long, Steve. All year long.

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!
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