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Some Rodney thoughts

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    From a quick and easy point of view for me, Rodney took a banned substance and new it was banned. He gambled for himself and the team and lost. This is a bad
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2007
      From a quick and easy point of view for me, Rodney took a banned substance and new it was banned.  He gambled for himself and the team and lost.  This is a bad gamble, a poor decision and has rather serious results which will last much longer than the four game suspension.  I'm exceedingly sad he made such a choice and uncertain how strongly I or others may feel but will have a better idea in five weeks than I have now.
      More intricate to me is when he took these.  He was pushing most hard to return fully healed by the playoffs last year after the cheap shot took him out of the season.  It was an unreasonable return date but he was pushing for it and wouldn't  that have been a tempting time.  It doesn't change my belief in the impropriety of his choice but it does make me understand a bit more.  The shot was cheap and while ruled legal by the league that's questionable to many and so a cheat in return might have been justificable in his mind.
      Now if he took it this off-season to get himself ready more quickly when normal healing should have been enough then I'm more apalled by his choice.  I do not know what he took and how it actually impacts the world of healing.  It would have to be an impressive discrepancy to make this even a little more understandable.
      There is one other aspect which I do not believe applies but which I fully understand.  It is not just Rodney's football but his body that was at some risk.  If there are ways to make my body more healthy and especially if that's a long term status, I certainly am going to understand wanting to manage that angle.  Many banned substances might very reasonably be significant in long term health.  Heck I'd leave the country for surgeries not allowed here but that would benefit my body and if my job said they'd let me go for that I might do it anyhow if it means enough to my long term health.  This doesn't seem a factor but I don't know the extent of Rodney's injury or the potency of the drug he chose.
      I also have3 to agree with Bill it is rare that someone is caught on their first offense and Rodney's admissions come after getting caught.  He handled it reasonably well thus far but that doesn't mean all the negative signs aren't there.  Now as far as cutting him for being a cheater, the league has a punishment system that resolves the  price for his rules violation and that is being enforeced which means that when it's done he is cleared from that and aside from the higher scrutiny of his new league status he's following the rules to play and I'll support that and any decision the team reaches on their approach to this situation.  I could understand if they chose to cut him and would be very disappointed but accepting but again I don't think that's necessary nor what they will choose.
      Go Pats!
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