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Training Camp "Must Reads"

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  • George
    ***** I have 4 must read items every day which I use to follow the Pats training camp. They are 1. Mrs B s reports 2. Reiss Blog 3. The PFW Blog 4.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2007
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      ***** I have 4 "must read" items every day which I use to follow the Pats
      training camp. They are"
      1. Mrs B's reports
      2. Reiss' Blog
      3. The PFW Blog
      4. Erdoboy's report

      ***** Yes, they are listed in order of preference, according to what I've
      seen thus far. Mrs "I'm no football guru" B continues to do an incredible
      job with her pickup of nearly everthing found in all of the other reports.
      OK, maybe a guy like Brewgnat would get a little more "technical", due to
      his coaching experience. But Karen is, at the very least, the equal of the
      "pros", Reiss and PFW, with regard to observations of on-field activity.
      This a perfect spot for my annual, totally sincere, "THANK YOU" to our Media

      ***** Reiss, of course, has a little more access to some of the off-field
      stuff, which is why he's still a "must read". He really has a nice, easy
      reading style, as well. I like this guy's work.

      ***** The PFW Blog is a little skimpy, compared to the work of Karen and
      Reiss. In their defense, they report problems with the battery in their
      laptop, so maybe they'll improve when they remedy that tomorrow.

      ***** Ed does a great job in his reporting also, but has decided to put his
      photography higher on the priority list than his text reports. Selfishly, I
      hate that decision, since, with my snail's pace download speed here, I do
      not have the time to view the photos. But, working in tandem with Karen's
      text, I understand Ed's decision. For those who have internet access better
      than what was available in the USA 20 years ago, it's a good team! So, a
      hearty "THANK YOU" to you, too, Ed, for the time and effort you're putting
      in to help those not in Foxboro stay close to the action.

      ***** MAN, it's GREAT to be talking on-field Patriots football again!

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!
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