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The Logjam at DB

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  • George
    ***** Reiss Blog today lists 17 players on the TC roster at the DB positions .SEVENTEEN! Now, as we all know. Samuel doesn t really count. A couple of others
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2007
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      ***** Reiss' Blog today lists 17 players on the TC roster at the DB
      positions .SEVENTEEN! Now, as we all know. Samuel doesn't really count. A
      couple of others can probably be counted out as contenders for the 53-man
      roster; Rookie Larry Anam, and 2nd year guy Gemara Williams. FA signee Eddie
      Jackson is re-habbing an ACL, and they say won't be available until October.
      So that brings it down to 13.

      ***** There's a solid group of "locks". Those are Hobbs, Wilson, Harrison,
      Meriweather (SIGN, MAN!), James, Scott, Sanders and Hawkins. So that leaves
      5 guys fighting for, probably, 3 spots. All have some strong postives listed
      in Reiss' article. Here they are, in what I see as their probable order of
      rank at the moment:

      Willie Andrews (15 STs tackles tied Hawkins for team lead last season. Plays
      both S and CB)
      Mike Richardson (R6 DP. Stock goes up as a CB, with the Samuel situation.)
      Randall Gay (talented, but brittle)
      Mel Mitchell (STs "standout", injured in camp last year. Was expected to be
      a major part of STs then.)
      Rashad Baker (S, with STs talent)

      ***** I figure the biggest battle to be between Gay and Mitchell for that
      last spot. How much durability they show in TC could be a deciding factor.
      But the solid STs play of Hawkins and Andrews last season could decrease the
      value of Mitchell's potential there. Gay would seem to have the edge in
      Nickel and Dime situations, if healthy.

      ***** There's so much to watch at TC this season that Karen will need at
      least 3 pair of eyes! Starting CB opposite Hobbs? Back end of the DB roster?
      Backups at NT? Is Kareem Brown a "steal" in R2? Backups at LB? Is Maroney at
      full strength? Is there a battle for backup RB? Are Moss and Stallworth both
      ready for "Patriots football"? 5 or 6 WRs - which ones? And, of course, has
      Tommy got girlfriend problems again? ;-) No time for socializing out there,
      Karen. You have work to do! :-)

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!
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