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  • George
    ***** As you said, Fred, we all knew that. From day one of their regime, the most important element of the BB/Pioli team building strategy has been this
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      ***** As you said, Fred, "we all knew that." From day one of their regime, the most important element of the BB/Pioli team building strategy has been this balance of talent. The original "no superstars" theme is, of course, no longer true, with players like Brady, Seymour, and Bruschi (still a superstar in my book!) on the roster; and Thomas and Moss likely to earn that label with them this year. But the ability of the Pats to manage salaries well enough to have so many players just one or two levels below superstar on their roster is the secret to their success. They let some outstanding players who wanted superstar salaries go (Woody, Milloy, Law, Branch) in order to keep that level of balance among the starters. The results are in the trophy case.  

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      Albert Breer had a telling article in the Herald on Sunday. The
      Sporting News rated the starters on each team. Here's the rating system...

      First the scoring system: A grade of 10.0-9.0 for a "rare player";
      8.9-8.0 for an "outstanding player"; 7.9-7.5 for a "solid starter";
      7.4-7.0 for a "good starter": 6.9-6.5 for an "adequate starter";
      6.4-6.0 for a "marginal starter/good backup"; 5.9-5.5 for an "adequate
      backup"; 5.4-5.0 for a marginal backup".

      What was interesting was Breer's analysis...

      "But what's pretty telling is the balance among those starters. While
      the Patriots have two "rare players," the Colts have four and the
      Chargers have three (with two graded higher than any Patriot.) New
      England makes up for it on the other end. The Patriots have just one
      player marked as an "adequate starter" and none tagged in the
      "marginal starter/good backup" or "adequate backup" categories. The
      Colts have four "adequate starters", three "marginal starter/good
      backups" and one "adequate backup" among the ranked 22. The Chargers,
      meanwhile, have seven "adequate starters", and a "adequate backup" in
      their graded 21. That means each of those teams have eight projected
      starters ranked with grades under 7, while the Patriots have just one."

      Instead of having a couple exceptional players, and the rest being
      mediocre, the Patriots have balance and depth right down the roster; a
      recipe for success. But we all knew that. ;o)


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