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Re: [patriotzip] James Lavin Q & A

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  • Steve Basile
    Thanks! Besides the Moss Q&A, that ( http://patriots.scout.com/2/651065.html) is an excellent article, well worth a good read. I especially like his draft
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 14, 2007
      Re: [patriotzip] James Lavin Q & A Thanks!  Besides the Moss Q&A, that ( http://patriots.scout.com/2/651065.html)  is an excellent article, well worth a good read.  I especially like his draft value pick assessment and the math behind it.  His analysis of the team, expectations and all the right moves made in Foxboro feel right to this fan.

      I guess I have to buy another Pats book...


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      On 6/13/07 7:24 PM, "jmsweb55" <jmsweb55@...> wrote:\

      from scout

      Q: Do you think Randy Moss will change his ways to fit in at Foxboro,
      or will he just pay lip service to being a "team player"?

      James Lavin: Someone asked me about Moss right after the trade. Here's
      what I wrote then. What I've read since only confirms my original

      If they had signed T.O., I would say it's totally out of character
      because that guy is all about T.O. and can tear teams apart. I said
      before the Pats would never sign T.O., and I think I saw Scott Pioli
      later state that they would never sign T.O.

      I've always seen Randy Moss differently. He clearly hates losing, and
      I'm sure that's a huge factor in his Oakland slump (which would have
      almost made him the Pats' #1 receiver last year). Also, even the new
      Raiders coach said that after watching film of last season he couldn't
      understand why they didn't throw more to Randy.


      Bottom line: The timing is right for this because Moss' salary is much
      lower and his performance (plus his impact in spreading the defense
      thin) should be much greater than in Oakland.

      there's more, I just pulled the Moss quote

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