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Re: Strength of Roster

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  • D Malachi Penney
    ... Yeah, after reading reports that Maroney is favoring his right shoulder still.... ... Barry Switzer?
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 8, 2007
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      > Running back is a rather essential position and I'm
      > not entirely comfortable with Maroney, Morris, Evand
      > and Faulk. High potential with Maroney but I'm not
      > sold on it yet and I recall too many times that
      > without Dillon we could not power it in for one yard
      > last year.

      Yeah, after reading reports that Maroney is favoring his right
      shoulder still....

      > Now I really like our roster and think it one of the
      > strongest but we might be a little distracted by the
      > solid additions of Thomas, every free agent wr in the
      > NFL and of course Brady (both of them though one's not
      > an addition). We'll see how things develop but at
      > least in the case of San Diego their roster may be
      > fine but their coaching staff could wreak havoc on
      > their performance. I mean what (Gruden) coach and
      > team (Bucs) ever had a new coach take over a talented
      > team and win it all?

      Barry Switzer?

      > Go Pats!
      > Zip
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      > ***** Man, it's going to be a long 3 months waiting to
      > see this team in a
      > meaningful game!
      > ***** I think that Asante Samuel is a damn fool if he
      > doesn't, at the very
      > least, sign the tender, and take his place on the
      > roster of this team. A
      > roster this strong just doesn't come along every year,
      > for any team. But,
      > the kid has the right to set his own priorities. So be
      > it.
      > George
      > Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!
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      > Subject: Camp Notes
      > >From Tom Casale's Blog:
      > With mini-camp now behind us, here are some final
      > thoughts after
      > watching the three-day practice:
      > -This receiving corps is going to be scary. Randy
      > Moss, Donte' Stallworth,
      > Wes Welker and Reche Caldwell would be productive on
      > any team. Throw in Tom
      > Brady and that's not good news for defenses around the
      > league. In my
      > opinion, the guys listed above are the top four
      > receivers right now, with
      > Jabar Gaffney and Kelley Washington battling it out
      > for the final spot if
      > the team carries five receivers.
      > -Keep an eye on the Patriots possibly bringing in
      > Chris Brown at some
      > point if he's still available. When Laurence Maroney
      > isn't on the field, I
      > don't have a good feeling that anyone else can carry
      > the load. Just from
      > what we saw at mini-camp, it appears that Sammy Morris
      > is going to be used
      > in a Kevin Faulk-type role. If anything happens to
      > Maroney, the Patriots
      > really don't have another guy on the roster who can
      > carry the load on the
      > ground. Then again, if this passing attack takes off,
      > it may not matter.
      > -If Adalius Thomas stays healthy, linebacker won't
      > be a problem. It's
      > always fun to complain around draft time that the
      > Patriots need to add a
      > young linebacker, and maybe they do. However, with
      > Thomas' versatility and
      > the other quality starters on this team, I think the
      > linebackers will be
      > just fine this year, barring a rash of injuries. And
      > if Thomas stays
      > healthy, he could push for NFL Defensive Player of the
      > Year honors.
      > * This one's for Bama
      > - Watching him right now, I don't think Eugene
      > Wilson can make the switch
      > to corner like some other people are suggesting. I'm
      > not talking about
      > lining up at cornerback from time-to-time, I'm talking
      > about starting at
      > corner. As of right now, Wilson doesn't look to me
      > like he has the speed or
      > instincts to be successful at corner. My guess is he
      > starts the year at
      > safety, just like he always does.
      > - In six months, anyone who says they still wouldn't
      > trade a second round
      > draft pick for Wes Welker will probably just be lying
      > through their teeth.
      > Welker looks like he's been playing in this offense
      > for years. He's just a
      > perfect fit for this team. There's no other way to say
      > it.
      > - And for the last time, Kyle Brady is an absolute
      > beast. In my lifetime,
      > he's the third biggest man I've ever seen in person
      > behind The Undertaker
      > and Patrick Ewing. I have no idea how defenses stop
      > this guy near the goal
      > line. I'm predicting 7-8 touchdowns for Kyle "The
      > Beast" Brady this season.
      > Thanks for checking out the blog. We appreciate all
      > the feedback and
      > support. We'll be back blogging for training camp, so
      > be sure to stop by and
      > check it out. Take care and enjoy the rest of the
      > summer.
      > Steve - it's just 1 guys opinion
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