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RE: RE: [patriotzip] Reiss Quote from Samuels

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  • George
    ***** I don t think you can label this type of action by a player and his leech as greed alone, Don. I think it s a combination of greed and ego. How much of
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      ***** I don't think you can label this type of action by a player and his leech as greed alone, Don. I think it's a combination of greed and ego. How much of each probably varies with each player, and each leech.
      ***** Players like Bruschi and Brady surely have their egos under better control than players like Branch and Samuel. Players, like all of us, differ as to the importance they place on "mo' money", beyond some very subjective level. Some players see their (public) contract numbers as the most important public declaration of their level of success. Others measure it differently. Right and wrong? I don't think there is a right and wrong in this. It's a matter of personal philosophy.
      ***** Leeches also differ in their approach to thier job, and the responsibilities that come with it. Some appear to be most concerned with enhancing their own reputations, and, in their view, increasing their client base as a result. All certainly have to give some importance to that, since it's their livelihood. But the weight which they appear to place on that, compared to the weight they place upon what is truly best for their client, is as varied as any other personal philosophy. Unlike the players, however, I feel that there is some degree of "right and wrong" with leeches, since they do have a moral responsibility to their clients. Some of them, in my opinion, ignore that responsibility.
      ***** In any case, I think there are few, if any, of the leeches who have any concern at all for what is best for the team. Some players do feel some obligation in that direction, again, to varying degrees.
      ***** In the end, everybody has to look out for #1. The question in negotiations always comes down to the weight that is placed upon that primary concern by all 3 parties involved: the team, the player, and the leech. There are an incredible number of alternate outcomes as a result of those variables. But at least the players and management, as a group, bring something to the game itself. The leeches, on the other hand, add nothing of value for us, the fans.

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      Clearly the Patriots made some mistakes with the handling of Branch but they held all the cards and probably never considered that the NFL would step in and force them to give up the upper hand against their will.  If they are smart they let Samuel do what he will and if he decides to hold out until week ten bench him for the rest of the season.  When the season is over franchise him again and let him hold out again.  I think they need to make a statement.  As for Samuel’s comments they are as absurd as Law’s infamous “I gotta eat.”  I can’t believe he’s going to walk away from a nearly 8 million dollar deal for one year.  I just can’t begin to understand that level of greed but perhaps it’s just me.


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