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Re: [patriotzip] Moss, The Rolling Stone

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  • sean carmichael
    how about Dennis Rodman, he was a problem until he went to Chaicago and had Jordan to keep in in line and he found winning championships was fun George
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2007
      how about Dennis Rodman, he was a problem until he went to Chaicago and had Jordan to keep in in line and he found winning championships was fun

      George <patswingr@...> wrote:
      We all mature at different rates. Hell, I'm still working on it at 64!
      In Minnesota, Moss had a teammate who tried to serve as his mentor. That was Chris Carter. He, like Moss, began his career as a "problem child", getting into all kinds of trouble both on and off the field. He later became one of the best big play and clutch receivers in the game, immortalized by Chris Berman's "All he does is score touchdowns!"
      Carter's efforts with Moss resulted in some improvement. But Moss was, apparently, still not mature eThnough to completely "get it". He continued to be a distraction in Minnesota, and was moved to the Raiders, where, some thought, the influence of Art Shell might help him to become a team player, and make the most of his talent. But, in Oakland, the ineptitude of the team made his on-field life so miserable that it was too much for him to deal with as he reached the edge of maturity.
      Still burning with the desire to be with a winner, he learned of the interest of the Patriots, a sure winner, with one of the greatest coach/QB combinations in the history of the NFL. Here was the chance to cross the line into the world of the mature professional athlete. He took it. He committed to it by agreeing to a very reasonable contract. He proved his understanding by telling the world what he knows and understands about "the Patriot way" of doing things.
      Moss is not a stupid man. He knows that he will not be "The Man" in New England. This is a 3-time Super Bowl winning team, with several great players in place, including one who is clearly "The Man" here, his QB, Tom Brady. He also knows that this is his last chance for major success. If he can't make it on this, the acknowledged team of the decade; if he is rejected by this group of players, who have re-defined the word "team" in the NFL; if he challenges a HC who has proven his firmness with All-Pros like Milloy, Law, and Branch; then he will prove to entire NFL that he is a hopeless case. I believe that he is smart enough now to realize all of that.
      I believe that Randy Moss is going to be a part of the most awesome offense in the NFL this season. He's going to score a basketful of TD's, and demand enough attention to allow Stallworth, Welker, Watson, and Maroney to score a couple more baskets full of TDs, as Brady continues to spread the ball around, the Patriots way. He's going to get his Super Bowl winner's ring this year. And, along the way, he's going to fully understand how great it is to be a PART of the best team in the game, rather than the best player on a loser.
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