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Darft Analysis Part I

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  • Mark
    I here that Tom Curran gave us a D for our draft ... I am always frustrated during and immediately after the draft because I have studied these players for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2007
      I here that Tom Curran gave us a "D" for our draft ...

      I am always frustrated during and immediately after
      the draft because I have studied these players for
      months and used multiple sources to compile lists of
      prospects, only to see the professionals take someone
      else. I do my analysis the day after so I have had
      time to cool down and absorb what has just transpired.

      Overall Grade: A-

      Friday started with the possibility of a trade for
      Randy Moss. By the end of the weekend that’s all that
      people can talk about. The Red Sox were playing the
      Yankees … who cares … The Patriots, the team America
      loves to hate, has Randy Moss!

      Day One

      Everyone raise their hand that would trade Deion
      Branch and our 1st round 2007 selection (#28) for
      Brandon Merriweather, a 2008 mid 1st round pick and
      Randy Moss. That is essentially what the Patriots
      did. They took the trade of their own selection for a
      1st next year (with an improving team) and a 4th (110)
      in 2007. They traded the 4th (110) to get Moss. Nice
      Deal, especially for a draft that everyone consider
      weak. However, the cost was winning the Super Bowl in
      2006! If we had Branch, I am convinced we would have
      beat Indy.

      At #24, my pick would have been Griffin but as I
      feared he was gone well before our selection.
      Merriweather was not on my draft board because of his
      off field incident of firing a weapon (self defense).
      Was he a hero saving his friends life or is he someone
      that will always attract that element? Time will
      tell. I didn’t question his ability, just his
      character. Belicheck seems certain that Merriweather
      has turned the corner. In Bill We Trust. Have
      another drink of Kool Aid. At least I got the
      position right. Congrats to Brunat and lil Jake for
      correctly nailing this selection. That pick put
      Brunat over the top, sealing the Bama Draft Contest

      How about this deal … I’ll trade you a 2nd round and
      7th round selection this year for a WR (Wes Welker)
      that we had to double team last year to stop him. He
      led the Dolphins in reception and would have led the
      Patriots too. Oh and he is a fearless punt returner
      too! We don’t have to face him anymore. You are
      going to double team him and leave Randy Moss and
      Dante Stallworth in single coverage?

      In the third round I feel the player the Patriots were
      eying was scoffed up just before them. Usama Young CB
      Akron went early and the Patriots didn’t have the
      juice to make trades. The bulk of their picks were
      compensatory selections that couldn’t be touched.
      Furthermore, I don’t think anyone wanted to deal with
      the Patriots moving up. I would have loved to see
      Tony Hunt here! Getting Oakland’s 3rd round next year
      (should be near the front of the round) and a 7th for
      our trouble was brilliant. It also indicated what the
      Patriots brain trust thought of this draft. PUNT ! I
      was calling for MLB Zak DeOssie at this point after
      Hunt was taken right before us by Philly. As I said
      in my 1st day projection, DeOssie would not last until
      our 4th round selection at #127. He was selected by
      the NY Giants, a team in which his father also played
      for. Did the Patriots not take him by design? The
      pressure on DeOssie to play in his home town, with his
      father a member of the media, and his relationship
      with the head coach might have been too much to bear.
      Go and get three seasons under your belt and we will
      talk when you are a Free Agent.

      Day Two

      Moss trade dominates Day Two. I didn’t realize how
      bad this draft class was until I saw the Patriots
      selections. They had the luxury of taking chances
      with players that have little or no chance of making
      the opening day roster. Their best bet is showing
      enough to make the Practice Squad.

      Kareem Brown is a perfect example. He plays four
      years at Miami. Is a heralded recruit but is
      inconsistent until his senior year. His eleven sacks
      led the ACC. This from a DT. His 20.5 career sacks
      are 2nd all time for a DT at the U. The defense
      played very well for Miami last year and their poor
      record was not their fault. Brown was Defensive MVP
      (not Merriweather, Beason or Atkins). He needs work,
      but is a space eater. Strong and pushes the pocket,
      collapsing it into the QB. Has long arms and big
      hands delivering a good hard hand punch. With some
      coaching we might have something or he could be gone
      in year. Trick or Treat?

      With both punters gone (Podlesh in round 4 and
      Sepulveda earlier in round 5) and unable or unwilling
      to move up, the Patriots selected unknown Colorado St
      Left Tackle Clint Oldenburg (6’ 5” 300lb 5.25). He
      was originally a TE, moved to D line as a Sophomore,
      then started 34 games at LT. Has big arms, thighs
      and calves and could still add a nother 20 lbs.
      Academic all conference two years in a row. Coaches
      son and a professed Patriots fan.

      This little snippet appeared on the Patriots Website
      in the Ask PFW: the draft is coming section 4/24/07

      "I just want to say thanks for the great job. I read
      your post every week. I'm a huge Patriots fan residing
      in Colorado so as you can imagine I take a lot of heat
      from the locals. This is a difficult question I'm sure
      but my brother is a late round prospect out of
      Colorado State University named Clint Oldenburg he's a
      tackle, what are your thoughts on Clint's prospects in
      this draft and perhaps on him becoming a Patriot? I
      admire your honesty with all player evaluations, so
      please don't hold back."

      Lee Oldenburg

      Well Lee, since you are Clint’s brother I’m sure
      you’re aware that he was athletic enough to play some
      tight end at Colorado State in 2003. Oldenburg’s
      athleticism and versatility reminds us a lot of Tom
      Ashworth. Granted, Ashworth is far from a Pro Bowl
      player but he was a decent contributor for a Super
      Bowl team. Let’s be honest, his chances of getting
      drafted are slim. However, Oldenburg does possess the
      qualities New England looks for in it’s offensive
      lineman projects, so signing him as an undrafted free
      agent isn’t out of the question. I think you’re best
      bet is your brother makes it onto a practice squad for
      a team with a good offensive line coach who can take
      his raw skills and turn him into a stronger, more
      complete player. Good luck.
      -Tom Casale

      Absolutely correct Tom ... a year or two at the Dante
      School of Olineman is exactly what the doctor ordered.

      "It's beocome quite apparent, Bill Belichick could put Diet Pepsi Machine in his secondary and everything will still be copasetic." - Rich Eisen NFL Network

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