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Re: [patriotzip] My Summary of The Draft

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    A fair perspective on the draft and rough status of the team. I definitely didn t know the players well enough to have a great feel on where they may have
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2007
      A fair perspective on the draft and rough status of
      the team. I definitely didn't know the players well
      enough to have a great feel on where they may have
      missed or where they landed quality value. I think we
      are now a strong team on paper and really look forward
      to passing the doldrums of May/June and getting
      started on football in July.

      Go Pats!
      also performed dismally on the draft contest :)
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      ****** I'll begin by noting that my total lack of
      research on this year's
      draft class made my defense of my List Mock Draft
      Contest a total disaster.
      I got one pick right. Guess I copied the wrong guru!
      :-) I see that Brewgnat
      has claimed victory, but I haven't seen that verified
      by Dave. In any case,
      my congratulations to the winner, whoever that may be.
      Now on to the real

      ***** There are many different ways to look at the
      results of the Patriots
      draft this year. Here's the angle that suits me best.
      I begin by considering
      everything that was initially available to us in each
      day of the draft. That
      would be 4 picks on Day One, and 10 picks on Day Two
      (incl all Comp picks)
      .Taking that view, here are the results of all draft
      related activity.

      DAY ONE
      The Patriots 4 picks netted them:
      S Brandon Meriweather (U of MIA)
      WR Wes Welker (Dolphins)
      WR Randy Moss (Raiders)
      SF R1 pick next year. (I include Moss because he was
      acquired with the R4
      pick we got from SF, in return for our R1 pick #28.
      So, essentially, Moss
      was "1/2 of a R1 pick" for us.)

      Anybody unhappy with that as a Day One package? I'm
      certainly not. Looking
      at it as I laid it out here, I have to consider this
      an A+ Day One for our

      DAY TWO
      The Patriots original 6 picks netted them:
      DT Kareem Brown (U of MIA)
      OT Clint Oldenburg (COLO ST)
      OLB Justin Rogers (SMU)
      CB Mike Richardson (ND)
      RB Justin Hairston (CENT CONN)
      OT Corey Hilliard (OKLA ST)
      ILB Oscar Lua (USC)
      G Mike Elgin (IOWA)
      OAK R3 pick next year

      My feelings about that group carry much less
      conviction that those for Day
      One's group, since I know virtually nothing about any
      of the players we
      selected. All I can say is that I like the position
      mix, and trust that BB
      and Pioli made those selections after the same
      diligent homework they've
      demonstrated in previous drafts. I would hope that
      Brown will upgrade our
      depth at DT/NT over the mediocre Mike Wright; that the
      2 LBs and 3 OL's will
      at least provide a challenge to the backups we have
      now; Alexander, Mays,
      and Woods; that CB Richardson shows some promise; and
      that RB Hairston can
      spend a year on the PS learning how to play at this
      level. As with most Day
      Two draft picks, we really won't know anything about
      their future until we
      at least get some observations on their work in TC,
      despite the definitive
      statements of some draft guru's, and some of our own
      List "experts". ;-)

      Obviously, having OAK's 2008 R3 pick in our pocket is
      a definite positive.
      Still, the "wait and see" situation for the kids we
      selected makes it
      unrealistic, at least for me, to even try to rate Day
      Two now. As I said
      above, after, or well into TC, there'll be at least
      some solid work from
      which to develop a rating.

      What I will say for certain is that those 3 Day One
      players, plus the FA's
      we acquired, fill me with a greater confidence in our
      likelihood for success
      in the upcoming season than I have ever felt! All I
      need to maximize my
      confidence is the signing of Samuel, and the signing
      of a solid, proven vet
      ILB, like Hartwell. Get it done, Pats!!

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!

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