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FW: [patriotzip] From the "anti-Pacman" file...

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  • George
    ***** That s our media, Frank. This type of story (and there are hundreds of them), sometimes gets the end of show, feel good spot for about 30 seconds. But
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2007
      ***** That's our media, Frank. This type of story (and there are hundreds of them), sometimes gets the "end of show, feel good" spot for about 30 seconds. But it's the sensationalized "bad news" that the media believes sells newspapers and air time. So that's the primary focus of all "news". That's true for athletes, actors, big businesses, our government, and, most certainly, our military. But I'll stop there, since this is not an apropriate forum for such discussion.
      ***** To get back on track before closing, major kudos to Brady for doing this. It means much more to truly dedicate time and effort to such projects than to simply make a monetary donation. People with millions of dollars who make the choice to truly give back definitely have their heads screwed on straight. (Now if he can just get that "Probable" shoulder screwed on straight!)

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!

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      SI.com, ESPN.com, etc. have plenty of articles about the antics of
      Pacman Jones, Chris Henry, etc. If they want to counter the bad
      reputation that guys like that give the league, why don't they print
      stuff like this (from Mike Reiss today, edited for brevity).

      Brady visits Africa
      Patriots quarterback Tom Brady returned today from an eight-day trip
      to Ghana and Uganda. The trip was organized by DATA (debt AIDS trade
      Africa), the African advocacy organization founded by U2's Bono.

      Brady's 8-day trip took him through Ghana and Uganda, where he
      visited health clinics, schools and other projects that are saving
      and transforming lives in Africa with the support of American
      funding and international cooperation.

      "Tom is a true champion for Africa," said Jamie Drummond, executive
      director of DATA. "Starting in early 2005 when he became the 1
      millionth member of ONE: The Campaign to Make Poverty History
      (www.one.org) , Tom has been a leader in spreading awareness about
      the issues of African poverty and disease. We were thrilled that he
      wanted to spend time on the ground in Africa and learn more about
      how debt relief and U.S. funding to fight global AIDS and extreme
      poverty is making a difference -- life by life, community by

      "This was my first trip to Africa and it was an eye-opener," said
      Brady. "I saw the best and brightest of the human spirit in the face
      of incredible poverty that most of us just can't comprehend. I've
      learned that we as Americans, living in the greatest country in the
      world, can save innocent lives ravaged by AIDS with something as
      small as a 25 cent pill. When you see what CAN be done, it's
      impossible to not be driven to do more -- the needs are still
      overwhelming. This won't be my last visit to Africa and I hope to
      pass along what I've learned here to others who will listen."


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