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RE: [patriotzip] Re: More rules changes

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  • George
    ***** Yes, I forgot to mention my pleasure at seeing that Instant Replay is now permanent. It s not a change , as such; but it s good to know that it will
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      ***** Yes, I forgot to mention my pleasure at seeing that Instant Replay is now permanent. It's not a "change", as such; but it's good to know that it will apparently be more structured and consistent, at least in terms of equipment!

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!

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      Subject: Re: [patriotzip] Re: More rules changes

      Tampa Bay withdrew their proposal for a greater scope
      of plays being under the scope of Instant Replay.
      Expect it back next year in a more defined manner -
      without having muddied the Instant replay permanence
      vote of this year.

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      ***** The one I saw proposed earlier (I thought by
      Tampa Bay) that I wanted
      was to make PI reviewable. No mention of that in your
      summary, Randy. I take
      it that means it, like the 15-yard option, is OUT. Too
      bad. I would like to
      have seen at least ONE of those rules in to temper the
      runaway PI situation.
      I'll bet Polian was happy about this, and the
      retention of the 'special
      emphasis' on illegal holding!

      ***** I don't like the penalty for spiking the ball in
      the field of play at
      all. A spike is, IMO, no big deal. If they want to
      penalize, go after the
      sack dances, and other elaborate "celebrations" in the
      field of play. The
      "First Down" signal is OK, IMO, because it is NOT
      directed at a player, as
      is the sack dance. The latter should be classified as
      "taunting", and be hit
      with a 15-yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.

      ***** Roster thing is OK with me.

      ***** You're right about the OL rule. If the ball
      deflects off an OL, it
      should be considered a live ball for anyone, including
      an OL, to catch.

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!


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      Subject: [patriotzip] Re: More rules changes

      Rich C posted the newest Reiss' Rules Notes and I had
      a fairly strong desire for more information on one of
      these rules.
      * Players will now be penalized 5 yards for spiking
      the ball in the
      field of play. Owners voted in favor of that, 26-5,
      with one

      I'm ok with this - keep the game flow going and
      celebrate the touchdowns. There are times when a key
      first down is worthy of celebration and I generally
      prefer fewer rules on this topic than more rules but
      ultimtely it doesn't impact me too much one way or
      another. I still hold out hope of Troy Brown giving
      us his patented (not Patten-ted - different free
      agent) First down signal - if only he could have done
      that on our last offensive series last year.

      * The Bears' proposal to expand game-day rosters from
      45 to 47 was
      defeated, 17-15.

      Belichick gave me the first good reason I've ever
      heard why 53 becomes 45 on gameday. He claims that
      this prevents teams from being 'forced' to move
      players to Injured Reserve as the week to week roster
      has some room to carry them.

      * A penalty for illegal touching will no longer be
      called when the
      quarterback hits an offensive lineman with a pass,
      unless the
      lineman makes an attempt to catch the ball.

      ***** Here is the one that got my attention. I like
      the notion that when a QB drops back if he dings his
      lineman in the head there isn't an illegal touching
      but let's carry this through a bit. The ball hits
      Light in the head and pops into the air - has the act
      of it hitting him without him trying to catch it now
      still changed the nature of the play such as to make
      the tipped ball fair for everyone? I'd hate to see
      the ball bounce straight up and have the lineman
      unable to make the play to bat it down or catch it for
      fear of invoking the rule on the second part of the
      play. I presume this is taken into consideration?

      Go Pats!

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