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RE: [SPAM] [patriotzip] Maroney under the knife...

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  • George
    ***** Right, Randy. I m not panicking now. I m simpling saying that IF the worst case scenario is true, and Maroney is seriously inurjured, we then MUST raise
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 26, 2007
      ***** Right, Randy. I'm not panicking now. I'm simpling saying that IF the worst case scenario is true, and Maroney is seriously inurjured, we then MUST raise RB to the top of our priority list for the draft. It is critical that we have a running attack that demands more respect from our opponents than Morris, Faulk, and Evans would demand!

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!

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      I'm not ready to pack up those picks just yet (and
      neither are you - I understand). First the Maroney
      status is so completely unknown to us that it is
      rampant specuatlion. I don't think I want Morris,
      Faulk and Evans as our primary runners for the season
      but good RB value is found all over the draft and we
      really need to get safety and LB help as well. I
      would expect one of those picks to go to an RB IF
      Maroney is an unlikely go for the season.

      I had presumed he had broken ribs last year based on
      the nature of when his production suddenly dropped.
      This perhaps is better news at making clear why he
      faded and at having hope for his future.

      Hopefully it wasn't the type of serious that ends
      careers - kudos to the kid for following the Patreiot
      way and keeping his mouth quiet on the whole thing.

      Go Pats!
      & the Mighty Quinn

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      ***** WOW! This is potentially MAJOR news! What does
      this do to our R1
      priorities, and our decisions on what to do with those
      2 picks, if Maroney
      is truly injured to the point that he will not be able
      to perform as a #1
      RB? I'd say the answer is clear. If the Pats know that
      he can't hold up as a
      #1 RB, it is imperative that we use our 2 R1 picks,
      and whatever else it
      takes, to trade up for the best RB we can get! Nothing
      can be more important
      than ensuring that we have a respected running attack!

      Dogs have masters ... Cats have staff!


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      Subject: [SPAM] [patriotzip] Maroney under the

      John Tomase is reporting in the Herald that Laurance
      Maroney had off-
      season shoulder surgery. It was exploritory in nature,
      after he had
      experienced pain during the season, and they
      discovered "significant damage". The Patriots (true to
      form) are not
      giving out any status reports on him.

      <http://patriots. bostonherald. com/patriots/ view.bg?articlei d=190898>
      bostonherald. com/patriots/ view.bg?articlei d=190898

      This may be the reason his production dropped off
      during the season;
      not the rib cartilage issue. Hope he doesn't turn out
      to be injury
      prone. It will be telling if we pick a RB sometime on
      day one.


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