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9954Re: [patriotzip] Pats on a roll gather Moss???

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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Mar 1, 2007
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      Re: [patriotzip] Pats on a roll gather Moss???
      Well I certainly don't want Randy Moss though I'd take him before TO.  When Moss gives up on a team he doesn't take the rest of the team down with him. 
      I think that while we are obviusly in need of a high end wide receiver (not nearly as much as some LB starterimo), we will be named for any such wideout in the market.  Sure Moss' name has turned up more often over the last few years but that's possibly because he's been obvious  trade potential for that amount of time.
      I wouldn't worry too much about BB/Pioli suddenly forgetting how to create locker room atmosphere conducive to winning.
      That said if it came to pass I'd try to find a way to stomach it and see how he progresses.  Some past Zip surprises:
      Bryan Cox
      Corey Dillon
      Rodney Harrison.
      The first two relate most to the Moss attitude but all three surprised me and made me believe I should keep on trusting the brain trust hasn't totally lost it by any means.
      Go Pats!
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      Ewwww.  Maybe we can get Terrell Owens too, and in case that’s not enough, the NFL Pro Shop sells extra large jars of patented “Locker Room Poison” for teams that can’t generate enough on their own.

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      On 2/28/07 3:16 PM, "Frank" <frank.dana@...> wrote:


      From FoxSports.com today...

      The Oakland Raiders are trying to dump Randy Moss and the Green Bay
      Packers definitely are interested if the former all-pro wide receiver
      would agree to a restructured contact in order to play with a better
      team and Brett Favre. Sources close to the situation said the Packers
      had explored trading for Moss, the temperamental former Minnesota
      Viking who once pretended to moon the crowd at Lambeau Field. The two
      teams have had preliminary dialogue but at this point the Packers
      consider Moss to be an economically unfeasible solution to their need
      for another receiver alongside Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. The
      trading period opens Friday. New England and Jacksonville reportedly
      also are interested in Moss. Several Raiders sources at the NFL combine
      indicated that Moss wasn't expected back in '07.

      Hmmm... Would a winning franchise be enough to motivate him, or is this
      a pipe dream?



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