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  • RandyZ. Pierce
    Dec 2, 2006
      First I refer you all to the rules page for determining the playoff standings:
      Presently in the AFC we have:
      1) Indy 10-1
      2) San Diego 9-2
      3) Baltimore9-3
      4) New England8-3
      Close behind we have many teams but I'm going to concentrate upwards for the moment instead of down.  Any sliding down which could happen would obviously be a bad thing as our first goal is to try and make the playoffs, second to get home field advantage by winning the division and thirdly to make the top 2 seedings and earn a highly desired bye.
      The tie breakers now put games against common opponents above conference record.  This means that Baltimore which is 1/2 game up on us at present due to losing on Thursday, would actually trail us in common opponents since we beat Cincinnati and they split.  They also play Buffalo and presuming they beat Buffalo we twice beat Buffalo so lose no ground there.  This is a nice edge on the Ravens if we do our job here on out.
      San Diego is tougher because they are up one game on us and have beaten the Broncos whom we did not.  Presuming they only lose to the Broncos that would tie them with us and still give them a 1 and 1 split with Denver which is better than our 0-1 loss to the Broncos.  The good news is San Diego has a tough road ahead so we can reasonably believe they might (not will) lose two games.  This is nto a good position to be in against the Chargers but I'll keep some hope that Marty Ball near crunch time will help us.  I hope that cold air is mighty uninviting up in Buffalo this Sunday to give them a start on their downward slide.
      Indy has two losses ahead and of course owns the head to head advantage which puts them 2.5 games ahead of us with only five games remaining.  It is exceedingly unlikely the Colts will slip that far and I don't reasonably hope for such but I do unreasonably wish to keep an interested eye for them to stumble hard.
      So in the fourth spot we can climb to position 3 by beating the Lions.  To get to Position two we need San Diego to lose twice while we win out and for the top dog we'd need to leap all the way past Indy by their losing three games while we win out. 
      Personally I want to get into the show by playing quality football and peaking at the right time.  I want our team confident and ready whether they are locked at 3, 2 or seed numero uno.  I'd really love to get that bye week but playing well is more important by far.  I'm interested in Cutler's first game for the Broncos as they will be a factor in the above race but in my opinion Denver, San Diego and Indy are all quality teams with San Diego and Denver really scaring me more than Indy.  I'll take ours against theirs on the playoff stage however it comes but let's hope the boys know it's one game at a time to that point and this week is all Detroit in the Lions first ever visit to Gilette.
      Go Pats!
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