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8327RE: [patriotzip] Yeah, so what...

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  • Susan Moore
    Jan 2, 2006
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      I know the Chargers aren't in the playoffs; maybe that wasn't worded
      correctly. There was some talk on this list about NOT wanting to have to
      play the Chargers if they got in the playoffs and now we don't have to worry
      about that, thank goodness.
      I'd rather be playing the Jaguars in this round than the Steelers--at first
      they seemed as though they weren't up to what they were last year, but now
      I'm not so sure. They seem to be playing hot and cold, but probably we
      should root for them so that if we ended up against them in the final AFC
      game we'd be at home. Indy doesn't seem invincible right now so maybe
      someone will bump them off and we can get the final home field advantage.
      One game at a time though--go Patriots for Saturday!!!!!!!!!!

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      the Chagers aren't in the playoffs, if we'd gotten the
      3rd seed, we'd've hosted the Steeers

      --- Susan Moore <scmoore@...> wrote:

      > Is everyone happy with getting the Jaguars? Can't
      > remember what team we'd
      > rather have!!
      > We didn't want to have to play the Chargers right?
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