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7522Re: [patriotzip] So much for our theory...

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  • George
    Sep 1, 2005
      ***** My prediction is ... that BB will make the best decision, basing it upon more knowledge of how each player's skills fit into his offensive strategy than I have. I'll just sit back and cheer like hell for the 5 or 6 he keeps, and assume that it was the best option for us.
      ***** That said, I openly acknowledge my hope that Troy Brown is among those that BB decides to keep. The decision will be based upon what's best for the team on the field. But I just hate the thought of Troy being forced off of this team. I hope he will be able to leave on his own terms, celebrating every step of the way.
      George (thinks BB may know more than anybody here) ;-)

      Frank Northcutt <frank.dana@...> wrote:
      From Mike Reiss in the Globe this morning:

      Bethel is back
      Receiver Bethel Johnson has returned to practice and is no longer on
      the physically unable to perform list, the Patriots confirmed on
      Wednesday night. The move adds further intrigue to the logjam at the

      Deion Branch, David Givens, Troy Brown, Tim Dwight, Andre Davis, David
      Terrell, P.K. Sam and Johnson comprise the top eight players on the
      depth chart. Last year, the team kept six receivers on its 53-man
      roster entering the regular season...


      No hiding him away on the PUP, I guess. He won't be able to show much
      in one game, coming back from injury, so it looks like he's in. Seems
      to me, if they weren't sure about him, they would have left him on the

      The list above, plus Childress makes nine. If one assumes Bethel is in,
      this looks like a make or break game for Terrell, Sam, Davis, and
      Childress.  Three of those four will have to go. I don't even want to
      guess any more, until I see them play tonight.


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