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7029Re: [patriotzip] Another Season Ticket Waiting List?

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  • Ed Bryant
    May 12, 2005
      The teams which could end up in Southern California certainly include the Indianapolis Colts, so be careful out there!  As for the Chargers, their last deal in San Diego required the city to buy up tickets to ensure a sell-out; the entire season ticket base could migrate north and still leave room for new people. 
      If, however, there's a group of disenfranchised Rams fans who claim they should have first shot at tickets to any new Anaheim team, there could be a convergence of the two groups, causing a supply demand situation, but if it was an expansion team, it would ruin the current and reasonable eight divisions of four team each setup, which would be a shame. 

      George <patswingr@...> wrote:
      ***** I may soon be on one myself. No, not for the Patriots. It may be for the "Anaheim ?????"
      ***** In case you hadn't heard back there, the city of Anaheim is making a strong bid to be the site for the return of the NFL to the LA area. (Anaheim is about 40 miles from downtown LA.) The site would be immediately beside Edison Field, where the Angels play. That's about 8 miles due east of my house.
      ***** There's some speculation that the Chargers, who have run into trouble with their new stadium plans in San Diego (political situation), could move up here. That would be bad news for me, since their current season ticket holders would surely be given the option to purchase seats in the new stadium.
      ***** If, however, it's some other team (the Saints have been rumored, as well as, of course, a new expansion team - YUCH!), I'd jump on season tickets. Due to the time difference, I could still see most Patriots games, and get to the stadium without missing much of the game here. That would get me in for all Patriots visits, any playoff games, and a shot at Super Bowl tickets - slim as I know that chance to be!
      ***** This is all at least 4 years down the road, so who knows if I'll still be above ground by then. Of course, whatever the outcome, there's no doubt where my loyalty remains. After 45 years, there's no way I can get the Patriots out of my system as my #1 team.

       �In this game, the more one player gets, the more he takes away from what others can get.�
      "You know what makes me happy? Looking at my three Super Bowl rings - that's what makes me happy.''
      � Tom Brady

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