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6672Re: Andruzzi a goner

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  • Frank Northcutt
    Mar 3, 2005
      I'm sure you're right, it's simply a value judgement. It's amazing how
      unemotional BB and Scott can be about guys like Andruzzi and Brown.
      It's why they are so successful. They know that they can find
      seemingly average players, who want to play, and raise their game with
      good coaching.


      --- In patriotzip@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Robert Woods
      <chris@p...> wrote:
      > I loved our OL and am sad to see Andruzzi go. However I think it was a
      > logical decision or at least a predictable one.
      > It's been well-documented that BB says that he doesn't believe in
      > R1's on lineman, specifically interior lineman. Knowing BB you can't
      > always take what he says at face value but it certainly has been the
      > since he's been here. Other than Koppen has the team even used a
      pick on
      > an interior lineman? Regardless if he believes that G is a position
      > can be taught and with a serviceable G in Hochstein and the Patriots
      > close to the cap I think they made the right choice in letting him go.
      > So I don't really agree that this is a case of the Patriots being too
      > casual. I believe they set a price and that was that, if Andruzzi got a
      > bigger offer he'd go somewhere else. As calculating as BB is about
      > position and clock management or the draft I believe he has the same
      > approach to free agency. A value was assigned and there was no room for
      > negotiation.
      > I wish Andruzzi well and it will make being a part-time Browns fan (now
      > that Crennel is there) even more fun. Unless their losing helps the
      > of course.
      > On Thu, 3 Mar 2005, Frank Northcutt wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Interesting article by Felger today, regarding Andruzzi. Although
      > > thankful for the opportunity afforded him in NE, he was disappointed
      > > that the Pats weren't more aggresive in attempting to resign him. He
      > > claims they didn't talk much, and they didn't offer him much. I'm a
      > > big believer in their philosophy, but perhaps they get a little too
      > > casual in negotiations; trying to treat everyone alike, to a fault. To
      > > me, Andruzzi was a key player, both in the run game and in protecting
      > > TB. But they know a lot more than I do. Maybe it's his age (he'll only
      > > be 30 this year) or questions about his knees. Most likely they have a
      > > financial limit for O-linemen, and that's it.
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      > Christopher Robert Woods
      > chris@p...
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