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4673Mrs. B's TC Report 8/3AM

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  • Karen Cardoza
    Aug 3, 2004

      August 3rd, Morning Session

          Got in an early morning run before meeting Vincent and Julie from Montreal at camp at 8:30.  We parked ourselves at the top of the hill and waited for their first training camp session to start.  I said hello to Bryan Morry (PFW) and got a kick out of his comment about reading my report last night...LOL!  Back-ups and Rookies arrived on the field in shorts, shoulder pads and helmets but the Starters didn't show up until 9:30.  They wore shorts and jerseys only so I knew that it would be an extremely light session.  The team huddled up and sang Happy Birthday to Tom then broke off.  Special Teams worked on punt returns and squib kicks and others did some light drills.  Prior to the infamous stretch when the whole team usually runs two lengths of the field, only certain guys did several today.  I was clueless as to why but I'm sure their was a reason.

          When the stretching ended, all of the starters went to the left field and Defense met with RAC and offense with Weis for the entire session.  On the right field, the rest of the guys did some full squad work with the NFL officials on the field.  Not much to report here either... Stokes made a couple of good grabs, Cloud had quite a few carries and Rohan hit PK for a long bomb up the middle for the COD...  Klecko either deflected a pass or got an INT (I couldn't see it all.)  Ricky Bryant was returned and made some but had a big miss...  And that my friends is about the extent of it!

          Quarterbacks signed today, but Tedy and Vrabel made the rounds too, as did Brown and Branch....  Lots of Happy Birthday signs were visible and the crowd was just as wild as always... The craziest site I saw today was a lady literally climbing on the fence near the VIP section when Brady was there.... The Brew Crew lounged on the grass (after the boys cleaned up the cones, of course!) I soon headed out and ran into  Jessica  who was thrilled because she talked to Tom and gave him a card, and Cookie who I'll be seeing again tonight along with the rest of the Patriots Planet crew.

      Mrs. B (who may even get to take a dip in the pool IF I  can get caught up on my picture updates!)

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