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  • Randy Z Pierce
    Jun 17, 2004
      I would join Bob George in a bit more support for Pete Carroll.  While I'm far happier with our current staff, Pete was victimized by some hard luck in the form of a badly managed salary cap which grossly overpaid Todd Rucci and Max Lane while  Bobby Grier demonstrated a fair bit of incompetent personall management.  Add to this the injuries which devestated the ends of the seasons under his regime.  Martin, Coates, BledsoeTed Johnson  and McGinest were all injury issues in the playoffs.  In his first year they lost a tough decision to the Steelers in which Kordell Steward scored the only touchdown despite three blown holding calls on the play.  The Pats lost 7-6...and were put out by our very own Mike Vrabel knocking the ball out of Bledsoe's hand before he might set up Adam Vinatieri heroics.  The following year the Zolak led playoff run met disaster with even more injuries and in the process Carroll lost the confidence and respect of the team.  Steve Sidwell was a good defensive coordinator and that was a tough defensive start to a regime.  So Carroll was not as 'soft' as people would make out his reputation but he didn't have the full devotion and attention to detail which the current regime sustains.  I hold no ill will to Pete Carroll but certainly appreciate the zealous dedication of the current group - and will look forward to their place in NFL history which is still unfurling before our...eyes.
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      From: rogue35lk
      Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 10:31 AM
      Subject: [patriotzip] Pats on NFL Network

      The other day NFL network replayed the Indy game (at Foxboro) from
      September of 99.  I was really cool to look back almost 5 years into
      the Pats past, so many things have changed since then.  It was very
      interesting to compare Bledsoe then to Brady now.  To look back with
      an un-biased eye, it was really clear that Bledsoe was not a good QB
      when he was rushed and another thing that stuck in my mind is how
      sloppy Bledsoe looked when he had to check down to a RB.  Brady (in
      my mind) has always had the ability to "lead" his recievers
      accurately, so that they are able to get the most out of every
      catch, however, when bledsoe checked down to his back, very often it
      seemed the ball was behind them or lofted in so high the RB had to
      wait for the ball, etc.  I don't want to sound too down on Bledsoe,
      in the 2nd half, he had time to set his feet and he was almost

      I have to admit, the first time they showed the Pats sideline and
      their was PETE CARROLL I think I threw up a little in my mouth.  I
      can't be the only one that thinks he dserves to go down as one of
      the worst coaches in Pats history?


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