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4057Re: Negotiations and Options

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  • beaulac@charter.net
    Mar 1, 2004
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      > From: Mark/JW <packy001@...>
      > 1. Ty Law is 30, in a few years he will not be as
      > good as he is today. He very well may play at this
      > high level for a few more years, but his skills will
      > drop off with age.
      The thing is that with Law, like several
      great corners, plays the type of game that
      doesn't require speed as the main talent.
      I like the word "skills" because that describes
      Laws play to a tee. The man knows coverage!!!
      Plus, Law is in the PERFECT defense to let
      him use his skills if/when they do demish a

      > 2. Allow his agents to try and work out a deal for
      > law before the draft. If we were to try and trade Law
      > to any of the "15 teams that are interested", I don't
      > feel we would get a 1st round pick in return, because
      > of his age.
      We might get a low 1st rounder from the
      right team. I wonder what the Skins would
      do if they lose/trade Bailey?

      > 4. We can have Law for one more year under his
      > current contract, which Ty says he is happy with. The
      > following year is a different story.

      I think that the Pats should keep Law
      for this season, regardless of the cap
      ramnifications . . . at least for now.

      > Law will not lose any money over the next two years
      > whether he is playing for the Patriots or not. The
      > question is whether he really wants to be here or does
      > he just want the respect of being the highest paid
      > player at his position.
      Or, being in a business, does Law just
      want to make the most finacially sound
      decision. Remember, Ty Law is looking
      out for his, and his family's best

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