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4055Negotiations and Options

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  • Mark/JW
    Mar 1, 2004
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      Everyone please relax ... This is negoatiations and
      sometimes during negotiations players feelings get

      Here is how I see it ...

      The Patriots came in with a rediculous contract
      proposal because they new that the Poston Bros and Ty
      Law's demands were just as perposterous.

      There is a middle ground here where both the team amd
      the player / agents will benefit.

      1. Ty Law is 30, in a few years he will not be as
      good as he is today. He very well may play at this
      high level for a few more years, but his skills will
      drop off with age.

      2. Allow his agents to try and work out a deal for
      law before the draft. If we were to try and trade Law
      to any of the "15 teams that are interested", I don't
      feel we would get a 1st round pick in return, because
      of his age.

      3. The Poston Bros. stand to gain financially as soon
      as Law signs a new deal (like they did with Milloy).
      If Law and his agents truly want to be traded /
      released, then have the agent pay the price of his
      release, since they are the ones that will gain
      financially, not necessarily the player.

      4. We can have Law for one more year under his
      current contract, which Ty says he is happy with. The
      following year is a different story.

      I find it curious that Law gave his story to the
      Boston Globe and shut out everyone else when he
      clammed up and wouldn't speak afterwards to any other
      media outlets. Is Michael Smith now a mouthpiece for
      the Poston Bros, or at the very least being used by
      the agents? I think it shows no class when Law
      negotiates in the media.

      Law will not lose any money over the next two years
      whether he is playing for the Patriots or not. The
      question is whether he really wants to be here or does
      he just want the respect of being the highest paid
      player at his position.

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