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3513Desperate Pennsylvanian

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  • billysquier84
    Jan 5, 2004
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      Hey all, as you may or may not know im from Eagle country in
      northeastern PA about 2 hrs. west of Philly. Yes I know that the game
      is going to be televised here also on Saturday but I would like to
      know if there's a radio station anywhere that I can pick up here that
      broadcasts every game for the season? I was just in Foxboro last week
      and it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life. I
      drove up to Foxboro which is about 360 miles away from here last
      Monday and stayed for a day just to see the stadium because I'm sure
      I'll never be able to get tix. So if anyone could please help me out
      bc I'm stuck down here in Bird country w/all these cocky fans
      ahhhhhhh! I'm already more nervous than a pregnant nun here!
      Thanks and GO PATS!
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