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3353"Snow Geysers" and Snow Wisers

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  • George R
    Dec 8, 2003

      ***** The "snow geysers" created by the fans after Tedy's TD were one of the most memorable things I've ever seen by fans during a game. Truly a classic scene that, like last week's goal line stand, is a cinch for the 2003 team video! And did you read or hear the comments from the Pats players about it? They were really impressed, and I think that's important for the future. These players have even more incentive to play their hearts out for the Patriot Nation!

      ***** Karen was right on with her note: "Which is why we were ALREADY  in Foxboro by 11:00 AM....and lined up to get in a lot at 11:30. 
      Mrs.B... and the Zip Tailgate Crew!" How could anybody living in New England not know that you needed to dedicate your entire day to getting to Foxboro, if you intended to be in that stadium for the game? I mean, how's the pre-game traffic on Route 1 on a GOOD day? Where did you think they'd put the snow that was cleared, if not into some areas normally used for parking? I haven't lived in a winter climate since I left Chicago in 1985, but I sure as hell haven't forgotten that a storm of that magnitude is crippling for normal traffic, let alone for tens of thousands of people heading for the same few square miles.

      ***** Folks out here who want to get a good seat for the Rose Bowl Parade get there the night before to secure a spot. I remember setting up a place for the St Patrick's Day Parade in Southie at least 4-5 hours before it started w-a-a-y back in my youth. Anyone not smart enough to allow at least 5-6 hours more than their normal travel time for a Pats game yesterday deserved to be shut out.

      ***** That said, I repeat the congratulations and kudos to the 45,000+ who actually attended that game. Their perseverance, loyalty, and spirit throughout the game was downright legendary!! There a lot of teams in the NFL with outstanding fan support. But there are no fans any better than Pats fans!

      ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
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