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3230Re: [patriotzip] Ranking All TIme Patriot Wins -- Re: Extra Points

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  • Rich Carreiro
    Oct 21, 2003
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      patriotzip@... ("Randy Pierce") writes:

      > 1) Our only February game ever - Lombardi
      > 2) AFC Championship over Pittsburgh
      > 3) '96 AFC CHampionship over Jacksonville
      > 4) Snow-bowl Over Raiders
      > 5) Fog-Bowl over Steelers

      I have to disagree with (3). Take that out and put in
      the '86 "Squish the Fish" AFC Championship in its place.
      Breaking the Orange Bowl jinx decisively, denying Marino
      a Superbowl chance and literally reducing him to tears,
      seeing the players I grew up watching making it to the
      Super Bowl...definitely #3 all time.

      Rich Carreiro rlcarr@...
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