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  • George R
    Oct 20, 2003
      --- David Brunat <brewgnat@...> wrote:
      > >> snip >>
      > But I can't help but think Ty Law would not have
      > allowed the Dolphins to run up and down the field
      > with the ease they had much of the time. Ty's
      > presence on the field would have made the defense
      > even better than it was. His superior coverage
      > skills and on field presence cannot be denied.
      > Recall his play in the previous week and tell me
      > we don't need him. Yes we came out with a win in
      > a big game without him but you can't deny we got
      > very lucky in that game. You also have to
      > believe Ty would have stopped one or more of
      > those big receptions in that game also.
      > The BrewGnat

      ***** First, Brew, let me point out that I in NO WAY want Ty Law to
      leave. My point is simply that I agree with BB's apparent philosophy
      that no single "great" player is worth limiting our ability to sign
      several "good" players, who can be coached to play very well, and win,
      as a team. I think the team's play following the loss of Milloy, who I
      was very sorry to lose, provides support for that philosophy.

      ***** As for Ty's likely contribution to this particular game, remember
      that 8 of the 20 Miami completions, and 102 of the 230 receiving yards,
      were by McMichael. When was the last time that Ty covered a TE?

      ***** The coverage I saw by Poole, Samuel, and Wilson, was very good.
      But I will acknowledge that we got some help from the erractic arm of
      Jake Fiedler. He missed at least 4 or 5 open receivers during the
      course of the game.

      ***** Over the course of the season, there is absolutely no doubt that
      our pass D is *much* stronger with Ty Law on a corner. But I'm
      confident that Romeo and BB could, if need be, field a winning defense
      without him. If we can re-sign him without crippling our player
      personnel flexibility due to cap strain, I am 100% behind that. But,
      when BB and Pioli decide where that financial line should be drawn, I
      will fully support whatever decision they make with regard to Ty Law,
      or any other player, just as I did with Milloy.

      ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
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