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  • George R
    Oct 20, 2003
      ***** Where do you rank yesterday's win among the Patriots' all time
      victories? It's up in the top 5 for me. It certainly sits at the top of
      wins in the first half of the season.

      ***** I, too, was amazed at BB's reaction at the end of the game. That
      was at least equal to his SB celebration. I think he really
      demonstrated how much pressure of this M.A.S.H. season has put upon
      him. Along with that, was a phsysical release of the very real pride
      that he feels in this entire team and coaching staff, as he expressed
      verbally later. (Like Bob George, and BB, I too literally leaped from
      my chair, jumped up and down repeatedly, and just kept screaming with
      joy. WHAT A WIN!

      ***** I apologize to Bobby "Unsung" Hamilton for leaving him out of my
      post last night. Is there a more consistently effective player than him
      on this, or any team? The guy rarely makes "highlight" plays; but he's
      nearly always among the tacklers on critical running plays. He made at
      least 4 significant plays yesterday. He just does his job every game,
      and damn near every play. Thanks, Bobby!

      ***** Need to repeat my feelings of confusion as to why Ken Walter is
      still on this team. When at his best, he's no better than average. When
      you factor in the frequency with which he shanks a 20-yarder, you have
      to believe that there is some guy bagging groceries somewhere who's
      better than that. He truly sucks. I realize that he's the holder for
      PK's; but can't Huard do that job? I think QBs are much better
      candidates for that job for several obvious reasons. (Where's Tom

      ***** That marvelous play by Troy to end the game puts yet another
      feather in the cap of one of the best players ever to wear a Patriots'
      uniform. That "cap" now rivals the most elaborate head dresses of the
      greatest Native American chiefs! Just when you begin to think that he's
      disappearing, and can't get open consistently anymore, BANG! It's great
      to see Deion "Troy-in-Training" Branch coming along. But he's still got
      a long way to go before he can fill those shoes!

      ***** Do we have any hope of catching the Buffalo Bills, now that
      Lawyer Milloy is on their team, instead of ours? Are we *really*
      winning without that indispensable SS that we should have paid $100
      Million, or whatever, to keep our team from falling apart?

      ***** Speaking of superstars, did we really win that game yesterday
      without Ty Law in the game? Ty, please meet with your agent. Topics for
      1. The preceeding sentence.
      2. The above notes on Milloy.
      3. The fact that Belichick and Romeo have proven that it is their
      coaching that makes the greatest contribution to the success of this
      team. They provided strong evidence of that in 2001. They have provided
      irrefutable proof of it this season, forging stunning success from a
      team more decimated by injury than any successful team in my memory.

      Ty, take a reasonable pay cut to keep the team's salary total under
      control, and continue to play on the best coached team in the NFL. Put
      a couple of million in your pocket; put your superstar ego away; and
      acknowledge the undeniable fact that - IT'S THE COACHING, STUPID!!

      ** Belichick IS NFL Coach of the Year! **
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