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2848Re: Cut the bastards!

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    May 19, 2003
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      From: "John Warren" <packy001@...>

      > I'd add Compton to your list of cuts. He is just not
      > worth the money.

      I would say that Compton is one of the more valuable
      OLmen that we have on the team. Talent-wise, as
      well as attitude-wise.

      > I don't mind paying for performance, but Milloy needs
      > to step up this season.

      I think that MIlloy may find himself in more of a position
      to play to his strengths of run support and blitzing. Last
      year Milloy had to 'stay at home' more often to make up
      for Tebusty's lack of coverage skills and poor decision

      I also think that Huard is a bargain at $627K

      -bill [ PATS 12 ]
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