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21239Re: [patriotzip] Johnny Football?

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  • George Richman
    Apr 9, 2014
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      Well, Frank, I no longer study the draft class enough to name names. However, as I said earlier, that it's very possible that BB's strategy in bringior TEng in all 3 of the top QBs for visits was to set up just such a trade. There are always questions about the risks of taking a QB with a high R1 pick. One or more teams who need a QB may well pass on using their high R! pick for a QB; but will desperately want one of the top 3 with their R2 pick, should that QB fall to the Patriots' #29 pick. 

      I would not be at all surprised if this scenario happens on May 8: Patriots trade their R1 pick (#29) to ??? for that team's high R2 pick +++, and the Patriots then take the top C or TE (according to their value rating) with that pick. 

      If it happens, do I get a t-shirt? :-)

      --- George
      All we can hope and strive for is a system of laws and education that minimizes the natural cruelty within man; and allows for survival of the fittest in social, as well as physical and economic terms. 

      On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 6:32 AM, <frank.dana@...> wrote:

      Don't know much about Eric Edholm at Yahoo sports, but check out his pick at #29... Is he serious?



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