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20739RE: [patriotzip] Bengals tonight??

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  • Susan Moore
    Oct 31, 2013
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      Hey…where have you been?

      Haven’t seen many posts lately…hope all is well.

      You know me—have to talk…lol!


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      Unless your division rivals are mathematically eliminated you always root against them.  And if they are mathematically eliminated and you root for them you still feel just a little guilty.  J




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      Should we be rooting for the Bengals tonight?

      OR rather against the Fish?

      I think that the Bengals and the new Colts could give us trouble near the end.


      Both the Broncos and the Chiefs have played almost the same teams so far—losing teams.

      Broncos lost to a winning record and the Chiefs haven’t lost but have played lower teams.


      Was anyone around the streets last night for the baseball celebration? That looked like fun!

      Now, let’s have the football team follow them into victory.

      I know exactly where that parade will go!!

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